Sunday, 13 June 2010

My CLINIQUE Lipstick collection with swatches

Morning my lovely bloggers,
As some of you already know i previously worked for the lovely Clinique and during that time i managed to build up a nice little collection of lipsticks.
Priced at £14.50 a pop these are not the cheapest of all lip colours but in my opinion they are really worth there weight in gold.
It was only yesterday that i decided to have a little count up and i have 26 different ones (ooops)
I love clinique lipsticks the formulas tend to be really creamy and pigmented with a massive choice of colours and finishes.

Here's a looksi at my lippy's

From Left to Right:
Sweet Honey (sheer)
Beach Coral (long last)
Blushed (sheer)
All Heart (long last)
Dubonnet (long last)
Angel Red (sheer)
Red Drama (colour surge)
Tile Red (Long Last)
Beach coral on lips

From Top to Bottom:
Peach pop (colour surge)
Honeymoon (moisture surge)
Creamy nude (Long Last)
Baby Kiss (Long Last)
Perfect Beige (Long Last)
Bamboo Pink (Long Last)
Sassy Spice (Long Last)
Perfect Beige on lips (my favourite )

From Left to Right :
Glazed Rose (sheer)
Raspberry Glace (Sheer)
Cool Fushia
Tenderheart (sheer)
Coral Glase (moisture sheer)
Honey Red (moisture Sheer)
From Left to Right:
Runway Rose (colour surge)
Watermelon (Long Last)
Pink Chocolate Matte (Long Last
Honey Ginger (Sheer)
So Sweet (Long Last)

Runway rose on lips which is another favourite

I have a few clinique glosses as well but i will do that in a separate post for you ladies some time soon. I only have about 10 or so glosses which proves i was on a bit of a lipstick kick at that time.
I have to say i don't tend to buy many Clinique lipsticks now but every now and then they bring out a fabulous shade that i have to try.
Do you ladies like Clinique?????


  1. Wow, I love perfect beige! Thanks for sharing those :)

  2. Yeh, perfect beige looks lovely. But i'm now in love with beach coral, looks amazing!


  3. I've never tried any clinique makeup, but I might be tempted. Runway Rose looks lovely! xx

  4. I love Runway Rose. I think I like these creamy finishes. Looks really nice. Must start checking the clinique make up out. I always think of them first as a skincare brand, oops!

  5. Pefect Beige looks wonderful! Thanks for all of those swatches, I have actually never owned a Clinique lipstick (but my mum loves them!. I think I'm more of a gloss-girl, so I'd love to see your lipgloss collection too :)

  6. Thanks for your comments girls
    I know what you mean about thinking about clinique just for skincare i think because of the brilliant reputation for skin products a lot of the cosmetics get overlooked xx

  7. Hi from Canada. Thanks for swatching these and posting the pictures for us! It's nice to see the products on actual skin/lips.
    I just bought my perfect red lipstick by Clinique - Red Hot. you've made me want to go get a nude lipstick now, too!
    anyway, ciao from across the pond. :)

  8. I'm a really big fan of Clinique makeup. I agree that their lippies are lovely, and I love their eyeshadow formulas - I think they're even better than Mac! Great collection of lippies! xx

  9. hi nicoletta

    i am hoping that your beauty blogg is still current. my favourite lipstick is perfect beige, clinique, but i am having difficulty sourcing any at the moment. would you happen to know if it is still in production. i also like the look of baby kiss and creamy nude. are they still in produciton. look forward to your response
    thanks M

  10. Hi there, thanks for your comment. It's such a shame but perfect beige is discontinued, it was my favourite too :(
    The other two colours baby kiss and creamy nude are both available.
    Hope this helps.

    Another nice nude which you might like to try is estée Lauder pure colour lipstick in Crystal nude it's a lovely colour x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx