Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The perfect strapless bra!

Well the results are in. You girls have voted and I'm pleased to say that random was the choice of the day so i can carry on with my daily ramblings mixed in with some FOTD'S and Reviews.
Now i have been wanting to blog about this for a while but now with the Xmas party season upon us it seemed the ideal opportunity.
Introducing the ultimate strapless wonderbra.

Now I'm the first to admit that it isn't the most beautiful looking of bras but believe me once you have tried this you will never try another strapless bra again. It knocks all the others out the water.
Once this bad boy is on, your boobies stay exactly where you want them too. I've tested it well. ( Trampolining with the kids in the summer ha. )
The fit is perfect it pushes up for a beautiful cleavage and if it gives me a good cleavage ( 2 children & weightloss later) Then it will work for anyone.

The bra also comes in black or black lace which is much prettier but the nude can be worn with anything so i choose that.
It's not the cheapest of bras but beyond a doubt the best. The cups are moulded to hold everything in place and it's incredibly comfy too.
If you are fed up of hoisting up your bra then give this a shot. You can just put it on and forget about it, leaving you with nothing to worry about except which dress to wear :)

Available from most department stores or from Wonderbra  RRP £32.00

Monday, 29 November 2010

Liz Earle Launches in Leeds !

Wow girls, it feels so christmasy here as the weather is bitterly cold and the ground is covered in snow.
I am wrapped up nice and snug so thought it's the perfect time to tell you all about the fabulous Liz Earle event which i was lucky enough to attend last week.
I was so excited to be invited to the opening of the new Liz Earle shop in Leeds.
The shop itself looked beautiful and welcoming with it's fairy lights.

We were greeted with champagne and Mini CupCakes. Mmmm

Then Louise showed us around the store and we were given baskets and told to choose 5 products to try.
( How fab is that ) I chose Cleanse and Polish which has to be anybody's 1st choice in the Liz earle range.
I also choose the deep cleansing mask, gentle face exfoliator, superskin concentrate and superskin body cream.

The shop itself is so well designed with different areas for every type of customer. The staff were all so friendly and helpful and it had the opposite feel to some of the high street snooty counters. The shop itself was busy with a constant stream of customers and Liz Earle was on hand chatting and mingling with everyone.

With all the beautiful product choices some of us had a hard time choosing which products we wanted to try. ( Kid in a candy shop comes to mind )

The products are all wrapped beautifully in tissue paper. Grins all round from us girls.

The highlight of the event was meeting Liz Earle in person. Liz talked to us about the brand, it's products and it's ethics. We were also lucky enough to meet Jennifer the botanical research manager and were given a little insight into the process of sourcing all the natural ingredients.

This was one of my first bloggers events and luckily the other girls i met were so lovely and instantly put me at ease. It was great to meet Sinead , Ellie , Charlotte , Emily and Sarah in person.

The goodies :)
Some of you might have spotted 6 products instead of 5. That's because we were also privileged to be one of the first people to try out a brand new product which is being launched on the 27th December.
The new energising body lotion.
How exciting that little old me will be one of the first to try out this lavish smelling cream. Specially formulated to help smooth the skin and give your senses a revitalising boost.

Thank you so much Liz Earle and all the team we all had an amazing time and i can't wait to try out all the products. xx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Where do we go from here?

This is me and my beautiful boys happy face. Because I've reached 450 followers Yaaaay. Thanks so much my lovelies i am over the moon and can't quite believe it.

Anyway i have added a little poll on the left to see what you gorgeous girlies would like more of on my blog?
I know i seem to do a lot of face of the days so if you are bored of them let me know. Nails of the day maybe?
Or my usual random offerings ha. Anyway please let me know if there's anything you would like on my blog and i will do my best to comply :)
I would love some input  from what you like & don't like about my blog. I'm a big girl, i can take it.

Oh yes and don't forget to enter my competition here to win a pair of Stylerush straighteners worth £79.99 as it finishes on the 1st December.
Hope you are all enjoying the weekendand Thanks again xxx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Follow !

Hi girls, yesterday i was privileged to attend the Liz Earle event for the opening of the brand new store in Leeds.
It was great to meet some of the other bloggers and Liz Earle herself.
One of the Bloggers i met was Sarah who has a newish blog SLSTEVO .
Her blog looks fantastic so be sure to check it out.

The lovely Sarah.
I will of course be blogging about the event itself very soon.
Hope you all have a fab Friday xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bareminerals High Shine Eyecolour FOTD

Hi there ladies, a few days ago i received the BareMinerals high shine eye colour to review in the colour Bronzed. I received this from BeautyJudge which is a fantastic friendly beauty website where you can read or write reviews, chat to other members, swap products that kind of thing.
So on to the product:

The bronzed colour looks so pretty in the glass vial and is available in other colours as well.

The little applicator is fat and squidgy and is on a spring loaded base so its easy to use as you just basically take off the lid and swipe onto your lids.

Swatch applied on bare skin. 

 I applied the one colour on the eyelid and blended upwards and then applied the same shadow under the eyes as a soft liner. Added black liner on the upper lid and inner eyes and mascara.

 The colour is pretty and shimmery and it lasts really well but for some reason i was expecting a bit more.
It's not like i didn't like the product, I do like  bareminerals eyeshadows but  to be honest this seems exactly the same formula as there pots of shadow. Pretty but not very unique ( sorry bareminerals ) I think it is a good product for someone starting out in makeup as its easy to apply, i didn't get any fallout and it blended easily but with a name like highshine i expected an almost wet look ultra shine and this was quite subtle.

As an everyday makeup i will wear it but I'm afraid it's not worth the £12 price tag in my opinion. x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Nail's inc xmas special !

As i know a lot of us are looking out for fabulous presents to buy i thought you might be interested in this special offer from QVC .

This gorgeous set is on offer today only for £25.35 and includes:

  • 1 x Greenwich Market (10ml) - metallic red
  • 1 x South Molton Lane (10ml) - bright pink
  • 1 x Old Church Street (10ml) - antique rose
  • 1 x Suffolk Street (10ml) - purple
  • 1 x Duke of York Square (10ml) - teal
  • 1 x Holbein Place (10ml) - metallic blue
  • 1 x Holly Bush Vale (4ml) - bright red
  • 1 x Chelsea Embankment (4ml) - gold glitter
  • 1 x Marylebone Lane (4ml) - metallic purple
  • 1 x Glitter Caviar Top Coat (4ml) - clear with multi-coloured glitter
  • 1 x gift box

Now i am not usually impressed with box sets as normally i love 1 or 2 colours and the rest are just ok but for me all these colours are just perfect.

Available from QVC here

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I couldn't resist !

Just a quickly to say look what i picked up at my sons Xmas fayre:

how cute is this little lipstick which hangs on the tree. I was so excited when i saw it ha. They also had shoes, handbags, cocktails.
I was tempted to buy them all but then decided against it.
Xmas decorations have come a long way. Would you hang this on your tree or do you think it's completely tacky?
Either way i love it xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

A little step into Eyeko

Hello my gorgeous followers. I have been an Eyeko Embassador a little while now but to be honest i signed up and kind of forgot about it ha.
Anyway there are so many lovely looking products to buy that i didn't know where to begin but as they had a special offer on where you get a fat balm free with any purchase so i decided to try out the Tinted cream.

This is described as a 3 in 1 tinted cream Highlighter, moisturiser and eyecream.
£8 was the price and this is a big tub so well worth the money.

Here you can see it swatched on my hand. It has a really pretty sheen to it. The colour is quite dark but when i applied it to my face it blended in easily and just left me with a sunkissed look. It enhanced my tan but in a natural way ( no orangeness or streaks ) Thumbs up.

So i chose the colour Cherry in the fat balm collection. I am pleased with my choice as the colour is a deep red which can be worn on both the lips and cheeks which can be blended out to a girly flush. I had heard that these were a bit sticky but i found that once it was applied it didn't feel sticky at all.

Cherry Fat Balm swatched and unblended. Ooops i nearly forgot, this smells beautiful.
RRP £6 but i got mine free yaay.

Then i also received in the post this London Lips in shade Portobello which is new on the website costing £6.50. This was my ambassador gift :) This is a pink gloss with golden shimmer. I found it quite sticky but i don't really mind that. The shine was fab and i wore it here over the cherry Fat Balm. What do you think?
Can  you see the golden shimmer? Subtle but gorgeous non the less.

So here is the look. Eyeko tinted cream all over. Cherry fat balm on cheeks and lips and portobello lightly applied over the top for extra shimmer.
I had fully intended to wear a powder for extra coverage but the tinted cream was so lovely on its own that i didn't want to spoil the glowy look.
I have no extra highlighter on it's just the effect from the cream and blusher.

So my baby steps in trying Eyeko have been so far so good. I would love to know of any products you have tried from the range and your thoughts?

All these products and many more goodies are available from Eyeko here 
If you do decide to buy anything you can use my code below to get you a free gift and me some commission hehe xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

How to grow your hair?

Well the title is a bit misleading but recently i have had so many complements lately  about how long my hair is that i thought i would do a little post of things that seem to work for me when trying to grow my hair.
For years i could only get my hair to a certain length. I would do what the hairdressers suggested, having it cut regularly etc etc but nothing seemed to work but now my hair is the perfect length.

Now I'm not saying that my hair is in perfect condition because unfortunately it's not but it is shiny  and its not full of split ends and it's long yaaay.
This is not necessarily the way to do it, but it works for me, so here's what i do:

  1. Changed my regular shampoo & condition for either SLS free products the majority of the time.
  2. Washed my hair every 3 days rather than 2 (used dry shampoo inhbetween if needed) Less shampooing means less blow drying , styling damage)
  3. Only use straighteners, curling irons about twice a few times a week. ( messy updos in between )
  4. When tying hair up use smooth bobbles ( those with metal on them ones can snag and damage your hair )
  5. Don't cut hair as regularly, sorry but if i get my hair cut every 6/8 weeks it isn't getting any longer. But watch for split ends. Nobody knows your hair like you so you know how long you can go before your hair needs a cut. For me it was every 10/12 weeks.
  6. Don't be afraid of semi-permanent colour. The hair colours these days can be packed with good stuff to deeply condition hair and make it lovely and shiny. Just choose a shade similar to your own unless you are confident in colouring your hair.
  7. Use good quality body building products and if you need to backcomb do it really gently . ( i love sexy hair products, but there are loads of good ones)
  8. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or a hot oil.
  9. Never brush your hair when it's wet & use a protection spray when blow drying/ using heat.
  10. If you can get away with it leave your hair to dry naturally ( I know that's a big fat IF)
 Anyway i know a lot of you will know all this anyway but i just thought i would write it down for anyone that might be interested. Do you have any tips of your own or any product recommendations for lush long hair?

Friday, 19 November 2010

MAC Pro longwear SPF10 foundation

Hello ladies, i am pleased to say that i have found my sample of MAC pro longwear foundation after my little one hid it lol. I have heard great things about this foundation so of course i had to try it out  as soon as i relocated it ( under a bale of towels in the bathroom? )
I have to say it's an instant love. My only concern is weather or not it will break me out but time will tell with that one.
So here's a scary photo of me this morning with no makeup on.

 I used my ELF flat top brush to buff the foundation into my skin, i like to do it this way as i find it gives better coverage and yet still looks natural. I sampled this in shade NW25


 I kept the rest of my makeup simple as it was all about the foundation so mascara, blusher and MAC bombshell on the lips.

I love the coverage and it photographs pretty well. The formular itself blends easily and feels lighter than the other MAC foundations that i've tried in the past. I think this could be the one.
Have you tried this yet?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

A few random buys and a Little LUSH

Just a few random buys this week :
Winterish clothes from H & M

I have decided i like grey so 1 long sleeved t shirt, 1 thin jumper and 1 cape should do for now.

Then i managed to get 2 foundation samples.
Mac Pro longwear & Laura Mercier moisturising foundation.

 I have wanting to try these two for so long and will be reviewing soon. Well i say soon as my 2 year old has decided that he likes my mac sample and has hid it. The search is on, it could literally be anywhere ha.

Then i popped into lush as i fancied a bit of pampering so i purchased some gorgeous bath goodies:

 Think Pink bath ballistic, Cinders Bath ballistic, Mrs Whppy Bath ballistic & Creamy Candy Bubble bar. I have not tried any of these before but each and everyone smell amazing.

 This is how i store my bath goodies. I always kept them hidden away in drawers in sealed packets but recently decided to put them out displayed on a wooden chopping board. That way i can just grab whatever i 
 fancy and it pretties up the bathroom. I will get through this little lot in about 2 weeks so they are not sitting around for ages.
Whenever i walk into my bathroom i get a lovely whiff of sweet smelling products.
Other products here are Parma violet sugar scrub cubes, Lemon cake butter melts, Strawberry and vanilla bath bomb and blackcurrant and vanilla body butter bar.
I love to buy bath and body products from these two amazing sites Lady Mucks & Bare & Beautiful

Ooh and the Blackcurrant and vanilla body butter bar from lady mucks costs just £2.99 and it is utterly gorgeous,  the fragrance is delicate but delicious and it is so moisturising. If you are looking for a little pick me up treat then this is for you. Has to be in my top 5 bath & body products.

Do you buy your bath & body products from anywhere special?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

2nd chance Sleek Saloon

Just a quickly to say that i have changed my opinion on Sleek Rose Gold. I have found that by simply using a different blusher brush and a different base that it now shows up beautifully and i adore the colour. SLEEK i take it all back xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Transformulas LipVolume & Eyelifting Gel ( photo heavy )

Hi there ladies, a while back i told you i was testing out Transformulas LipVolume & Eyelifting gel. I feel like it's time to tell you my thoughts and see what you think?

 The LipVolume comes in a cute little box which opens up to reveal the product. The LipVolume comes with a wand like a classic lip gloss containing 10ml of potion.

 Th instructions are to apply 3 times a day for the 1st 30 days then once a day after that. You can also use the product over lipstick.

 My lips before product was applied above:

 My lips 5 Min's after product was applied above:
This stuff does work and you can feel the tingling on your lips for a good 15 Min's which is a lot longer than other lip plumpers which i have tried.
I have to admit that i have not been able to apply this 3 times a day for the simple reason that i kept forgetting (ooops) but i am pleased with the results when i do use it. I also like the fact that my own lips turn a lovely raspberry pink colour when i wear this on its own.
Available from Transformulas RRP £25,50

Have you girls tried any or many of the lip plumper's that are around? I wish i was blessed with naturally pouty lips but unfortunately I'm not so any helping hand without going under the knife has to be a positive thing. 

Next up i trialed the Eye lifting Gel.

 Again this came in the cute box packaging which opens up to reveal the same wand like applicator as the LipVolume. Containing 10ml of product. This little Eye lifting gel has been described as 'Eyelift in a tube'

 Now to be fair, i don't think that I'm the best model for a product like this just for the simple fact that although I'm 35 i don't have many lines around my eyes. ( Not bragging just being honest ) What i can say though is the product is very light it's non irritating to my sensitive skin.
My eyes feel really hydrated and uplifted after using this gel for a few weeks and the few lines i did have seem to have plumped up and have become a lot finer. Also there is less puffiness so all in all a great result.

My eye today after a few weeks of using twice a day.
Product claims that the revolutionary semi permanent treatment came from a fear of needles and has been designed to soften fine lines, reduce expression lines, diminish under eye puffiness, cool, calm, and add radiance to the eye area.
Available from Transformulas RRP £25.50

Monday, 15 November 2010

I believe in Angels.

Morning girls, brrrrr it's turned so cold here, i hate being cold. Luckily for me my other half got up early for work and made up the log fire in the lounge and popped the heating on so it was lovely and toasty when me & the kids surfaced.
All this cold weather has made me start to think about xmas. I haven't even started to get organised as I've been concentrating on getting bits and bobs for the house. My newest addition is a picture which i have had painted in the colours to fit in with my lounge. I adore it.

 The angel wings have lots of texture and glitter which is really hard to pick up on camera but it's really pretty.

Then i found these cushions which i think are cute and match perfectly. These were a bargain from ebay.

So from now until xmas i will be leaving the house and getting organised for xmas. I am thinking of getting a real tree this year and going for more traditional decorations. I don't really know where to start?

I remember as i child i loved to dress the xmas tree with my mum, i want my kids to have that same magical feeling with the twinkling fairy lights, snowmen, Santa's and tinsel.

Look how adorable this little Santa is. I am on a bit of a budget so will be scouring the shops and looking for ideas. Any blog recommendations for the festive period? What about you guys are you going traditional or modern?