Monday, 21 June 2010

Take a look at my chest !!!!!!! & see my bedroom

No I have not had a boob job. I am referring to my latest buy for my bedroom storage. I got a lovely little storage box a few weeks ago when out shopping in meadowhall & then yesterday i went into TK max and spotted 2 gorgeous little chests in exactly the same style so of course i had to purchase them as it seemed like fate.
Now i have used all 3 boxes for beauty storage and they are surprisingly sturdy. Take a look:
I have filled the smallest with hair accessories, clips, brushes, bands that kind of thing.
The smaller of the two chests i have filled with my perfumes, body sprays and scented lotions. They all stand up perfectly in there so less chance of spillage and it fits nicely on my window shelf.
Everytime i open it i get a gorgeous whiff. I will do a post later of my fragrance collection but it is mainly sweet and creamy types.

The big chest i have added all my bangles, chunkier jewelry and there is still loads and loads of space for me to add more. I love the fact that it is filled with jewelry it makes me feel like a pirate with hidden treasure .
Here is a quick glimpse of my bedroom which is a working progress. Excuse all the stuff under the bed but i am struggling for storage, I've ordered a brown leather trunk so will use that when it comes.Last but not least my dressing table which gets a lot of love, I've not had it long and wonder what i did without one.
I love the fact that all my bits and pieces are tucked away neat & tidy but still easy to use as all in my bedroom.
The dressing table drawers are filled with makeup and bedside cabinet filled with skincare and hair products.
If you are wondering where the wardrobes are i have a little doorway with a small walk in wardrobe. Its too small though so am hoping to get some wardrobes in the spare room to keep my going out clothes in.
Hope you are all having a great day and enjoying the sunshine xxx


  1. Your bedroom looks lovely!

    TK Maxx is great for cute little boxes like that. I own several ;)


  2. Love those storage boxes! Perfect for make-up and accessories, and your bedroom is so big, wish I had a bigger bedroom! x

  3. Thanks makeup kitten, TK max is a great shop isnt it.
    StyleFrost i have recently moved from a small house to a big one so hense the lack of furniture it's lovely to have so much space now i really appreciate it. x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx