Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sharing time as mummy & wifey !

Morning girlies, as most of you know i am soon jetting off to Las Vegas for a break with Chris my hubby and no children.
This post is just a random waffle about how sometimes it's hard to find the perfect balance of being a mum & wife and still have time for yourself.
Me and Chris got married in November 2008 and we didn't have a honeymoon. Firstly Rocco was only a baby and i didn't want to leave him so young and 2nd we couldn't afford anywhere decent so decided to put it off for a while.
So this is why we decided to go to Vegas just for 5 days with a few friends and to have some time on our own.

I have to say i do feel a little guilty leaving the kids although they are with there grandparents and will be spoilt rotten but of course we will miss them.

Sometimes it's hard to juggle being a good mum and to still have time for me.
Anyway today i am off to the salon to have a spray tan, eyelash extensions and my nails done :) It's rare i have anything done so it's a real treat for me.

We took the kids to butlins for the weekend and they loved it so much but it left me shattered lol. I can so tell that I'm getting old. Here's a few photo's of them enjoying the rides:

I love my boys to bits but am so looking forward to a break too. Well done to all the other mums out there who manage to be a wife, partner, mum, sister, friend, daughter and still manage to fit in a little me time.
Some people may think it's selfish to do what makes you happy sometimes but if mum's not happy then nobody else is. A mum can make or break a family.
Life is a constant ride lets make the most of it and enjoy the journey xx


  1. I so agree with you, if you're not happy then your friends/family surrounding you aren't happy either.

    I wish you a great time in Vegas!

    Love your blog ;)

  2. I can totally relate to this post. Mr. LA and I have never had a holiday together without the children. We had only been together a few months when I fell pregnant with Izzy. We're getting married in Jan 2012 and planning a honeymoon about 6 months later which will be our first trip without the kids. I can't wait, the children will have a fabulous time with their Grandparents but I'm sure I'll start to worry and feel guilty as it draws closer. You're right about needing to look afer yourself and have 'me' time, keeps you sane!

    Have an amazing holiday!


  3. Hi Nicoletta, Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog - I am now following you too!

    Have a wonderful trip to Vegas and maybe come back with some winnings!

    The doll on fashion

  4. Your not being selfish at all! Everyone needs time for themselves :) Hope you have a great well deserved holiday xoxo


  5. i understand totally where your coming from.Me and my hubby try to go on mini breaks without the kids but somtimes i feel guilty! but i do think every mum should have 'me' time, it helps to recharge our batteries lol ;)

    i hope you have a fanatastic time xxx

  6. Hon- love it.

    Much as I ADORE my 2 boys, I also need ME time, I really do, otherwise I am grumpy mumy..

    Now I am working 2 days in an office, and this sounds bad, but work is my break.. I get to surf the web, I get to dress pretty in high heels and lovely bags.
    I go browsing in make up and clothes shop in my lunch break..
    Yay- all good.

    Lots of love honey, ENJOYYYYY xxxxx

    Any other mummy bloggers/followers, please come and say hello on my blog :waves:

  7. Soooo glad you had an awwesome wknd..need pics of your lashes and nails..pleaseeeeeeeeee xxxx

  8. Little breaks here and there makes a better mommy :O) Glad you are taking time to yourself!

  9. your youngest boy is so cute ♥ Good mum =)!

  10. I know exactly how you feel. Why are we burdened with Mothers guilt!! I feel so guilty any time I leave my kids but the reality is when I come back it makes my time with them all the more special as I am refreshed and I feel like me again and can give them 100%! Go to vegas and have a blast with your hubby, remember what it is to feel carefree and young again!! your kids will have a ball and will be glad to see you returning happy and full of life! Enjoy xx

  11. Thanks girls it's amazing how a lot of mums feel the same way about having breaks.
    I am on countdown now just need to finish all the ironing and start packing x

  12. Everyone needs a little me time! I'm sure your little ones will enjoy being spoilt whilst your gone! Enjoy your holiday!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx