Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The perfect eyebrows

I have finally found a really quick, easy cheap way to get my eyebrows looking neat and groomed without looking too harsh.
1. Brush upwards with brow comb.
2. Using Prestige eyeshadow in coffee Bean and bare minerals brow brush apply little strokes to fill in gaps.

Voila done.
The shadow is the perfect colour for me and totally matte, it works like a dream and so quick as well.
Do you use powder or pencil or nothing in your brows?

Vidal Sassoon shine spray review

I recieved this product in a swap box recently and have found it to be brilliant for my hair. The only thing is i think that its been discontinued now :(
My hair is long and fine with dry ends which tends to make it look a bit dull. I usually find that shine sprays just make my hair look really greasy and lifeless so have steered clear of them for a while.
I only use a couple of sprays from this though and it gives a lovely sheen to my hair without any of the greasiness or heavy feeling that others tend to leave.
It's a big thumbs up Vidal Sassoon.

Do you use a shine spray any reccomendations for fine hair?


I was so excited when my postman delivered this through the door. First of all the packaging, how cute is that. I felt like a child at Xmas as i untied the string and unwrapped these little gems.

The collection of smokey eye colours costs just $12 from EVERYDAY MINERALS and includes 5 trials sized shadows/ liners and a full size smudge eye brush which is perfect for both lining the eye and smoking out the shadow in the crease.
Here are my swatches of the products:

Sweet woodruff is a charcoal grey shade is mostly matte with just a sprinkle of shimmer

I'm keeping your CD's is a stunning deep green colour this beautiful liner is just brimming with sparkle.

Weeping willow is my favourite at first glance. It looks a little darker blue in real life. A deep midnight blue with a hint of shimmer and notes of grey and purple.

Smokey is a matte grey/brown liner which looks really deep and sultry

Postcards is a Medium gray-green matte eye liner which somehow reminds me of army combats and autumn.

I was so excited when this kit arrived that i couldn't wait to try it out.
I only had a tiny amount of mascara on, no liner so when this arrived i picked out weeping willow and using the brush in the kit applied it straight onto my eyes and smudged some under as a liner. Then i blended a little with my fingers lol
So remember this is just the 1 shadow and 1 brush. No extra mascara, lashes liner etc


The colour was so easy to blend i cant wait to try these out properly but first impressions are excellent. Do you girls have any everyday minerals products? and if so what are your favourites?


Just a quick post to show you the coral colour that i won from sprinkle of glitters giveaway. These polishes are great and only £2 each from primark. I am still unsure as to weather or not they do glo in the dark but i do know they go pretty dam smoothly and are vivid in colour.
The camera makes it look a touch more red than coral but the colour really is a bright coral with just two coats and no topcoat.

Topshop Earrings

I have a passion for topshop jewelry. I would rather buy 10 pairs of topshop cheapish earrings than 1 pair of designer earrings. I love the variety of different designs and how cute and girly a lot of them are. It is only this last few months that i have been buying jewelry again and couldn't resist these little cuties at just £6.
Do you girls recommend anywhere else for cute earrings at a decent price???


I wanted this blusher when it came out limited edition so i jumped at the chance when it came up in a blog sale. I'm really sorry but i cant remember who i got it off. Oooops that shows my bad memory. Anyway i couldn't wait to try it out and i really like it.
The colour looks really scary in the pan and scary on your finger tips so i only used a tiny bit.
I love the texture its really light and a lot less sticky than some of the other mac cream blushers.
Here's a few photos to show how it looks on my skin.
I can see me using it a lot in my wedding makeovers xx

Favourites for june 2010

I thought i would jump on the band wagon and share my June favourites. These are the makeup items I'm loving this month:
1. My clinique Gentle light loose powder. I have had this for a few years and forgot how beautiful it is until recently. It is really flattering with a tiny hint of shimmer its perfect for summer with or without foundation.
2. My artdeco bronzer Love love love it. Has been used nearly everyday this month. Full review HERE
3. MAC tendertone in take a hint. This smells divine strawberry and kiwi. Its so moisturising and gives just a hint of colour.
4. ELF mineral blusher in JOY. A really pretty natural blush with a pretty shimmer for a girly gentle glow.
5. BENEFIT IT STICK. I have loved this freebie so much I've been using it for blemishes , under eyes, inner corners of eyes etc. I love the colour and multi useage of this and extra happy that it was free.
6. Prestige my longest lashes mascara. This had been OK before but now summers here i see the beauty of it. Pretty long lashes with no clumps ideal for a more natural look.
7. Prestige eyeshadow in coffee bean. I've been using everyday for eyebrows and its a perfect matte shade which lasts all day.
8. bare essentials brow brush. The best eyebrow brush I've used, in combination with the prestige powder my brows look 100 times better.

I think my makeup loves change so much in the summer as i tent to like a more natural look.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dress for the races & Makeup

Hi there !!!
I did not manage to get a full photo of what i wore on my girls evening at the races but thought i would show you what i wore anyway.
I originally got this dress for my las vegas trip which is due in September. It is lovely and cool and very flattering as its quite a loose little number.
I wore it with open toes high strappy shoes and a silver clutch bag.

My makeup was lighter than usual for a night out but with it being summer i didn't want to go ultra heavy. I wore my hair up which is very rare for me but again i fancied something different.
The dress was really bright and this picture shows the real colour better than the others.
Do you tent to stick to a certain look when you go out or do like to mix it up all the time?

Nearly forgot , tootsies to match !!!
I'd forgot how much fun dressing up can be xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

Lacura Wrinkle Stop Review

I'm sure most of you have heard the hype on this product already but it is relatively new to me so thought i would share my review with you guys.
I was sent this product from beautyjudge (THANKYOU) to test out although i was very excited to try it after reading all the hype i must admit i was somewhat sceptical. After all it is only a cream not botox.

The £6 tubes of Lacura Wrinkle Stop contain a compound called Syn-Ake, which mimics the snake's paralysing venom. It promises to block the nerve signals which cause facial muscles to contract and can lead to lines.

Available to buy from Aldi the supermarket.

Other products containing Syn-Ake cost up to £60 per pot, and are popular with Hollywood stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Hilary Swank.

I love the packaging as the cream is held in which looks like a giant syringe which is clever marketing and i have never seen a cream packaged like this before. It is also easy to apply a small amount of pressure to get the right amount needed which avoids waste.
On the downside there is only 10ml in this which compared to most face creams is a very small amount. A lot of brands package theres in 30ml for small or 50ml for large. But to be fair this is not a cream for all over use as you only place it in targeted areas of lines. eg around the mouth, eyes, forehead. So it should last you longer.
In my opinion the price is excellent even though you don't get a lot of product as there are very few creams on the market similar to this and the ones that are have a much much higher price tag.

I will not go into the science part of this review but the main marketing & hype about this cream is: It claims to reduce wrinkles, lines noticeably by using a substance to block nerve muscles. This substance has a similar make up to snake venom.

Does it work? I am nearly 35 and although i don't have many lines i do have a prominent line across my forehead and the beginnings of crowsfeet. I applied the cream in a thickish layer and tapped it into my skin only on these areas. Although the cream is very light in texture i did find it a bit sticky but that may be because i was applying quite a thick layer.
I applied this twice a day after cleansing and toning.
I can say that although i cant see a difference around my eyes i can see a noticeable difference on my forehead. The line there has definitely softened. I have found also that after applying this in the mornings my foundation seems to go on smoother on these areas and does not sit in the lines as much. I am really surprised as it has only been 10 days.
I do not think other people could notice it on me as the results are only subtle but i am thrilled with the results in such a short time span and would urge anyone who has concerns with lines to give this one a try.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Yay i won !!!! Glo polish

Hi ladies, just a quick post today as feeling a bit lazy after a late night of drinking, eating , drinking and yet more drinking.
I had a good time at the races it was fun to see everyone dress up looking all ladylike.
Anyway changing the subject i won a lovely little prize from fellow blogger Sprinkle of Glitter
Thank you so much Louise it arrived yesterday just in time for me to paint my toes for my girly night out.
I choose this one to try out first as it matched my dress perfectly. I couldn't of matched it better myself, i cant wait to try out the coral as well.
These polishes are from primark and are glo in the dark colours. This went on really smoothly and only needed two coats. I must say i was impressed and will be looking out for more colours next time i go shopping.
Thanks again Louise xx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer looks

Here is a look from a few days ago it was baking hot so i decided to put on a sundress and keep the makeup light.

I used Revlon skinlights illuminator all over then a little artdeco bronzer. Clinique white eyeliner and a random pink lipstick ( sorry cant remember which one)
It was such a lovely day.The dress is from NEXT it was only about £12 and i brought it for my up and coming hols.

Later on when i am more tanned ( from being in the garden I decided to add some more bronzer remove my white liner and add a brighter lipgloss. I prefer this look as its so summery.
Hope you are all still enjoying the sunshine.

I never dreamed i would be able to just wear an eliminator and bronzer on my skin and it look like this. I think i need to do a post about my skincare which is working wonders at the moment.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm off on a hen night tonight at doncaster horse racing which should be fun.
Bye for now xx

Denim Dress & Soft grey/blue eyes

This is the denim dress i wore today its from new look i got it a few weeks ago and this is the first time i wore it.
I decided to stick with the blue theme and go for a soft blue/grey simple eye makeup which was super quick to achieve.
Just 1 shimmery grey eyeshadow as a wash of colour, clinique blue/grey quickliner and mascara

I love how soft the blue grey liner is i think its really flattering:
Then on the lips i applied no7 nude liner, NYX orange soda and clinique glosswear for lips in peach pout

Because i am a bit tanned ( st Moriz) i think this look works quite well? What do you think Yay or Nay???

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Other peoples makeup ( Heavy photos)

Hi girlie's, i was taking a little look through some photos on my computer and found a few makeovers that i have done in the past. I thought you might like a little look. These are family and friends who have said they don't mind me using these.
My lovely mother in law. Before:
I added individual eyelashes, airbrushed her foundation with temptu and then used everyday minerals makeup. She is a very glamorous lady and loved this look.

Next we have One of my friends Claire who was going to a wedding.
Again i used individual eyelashes, airbrushed the foundation with temptu and used everyday minerals makeup.

Lastly my really good friend Kerry. Now Kerry is a natural girl she does not wear much makeup but she loves me to try different things on her. I know whatever i do she will like so its great fun. I can go ultra natural or glammed up and she always loves it. Bless her.

Day at the Races:

A close up of the eyelashes which had Green diamontees on each individual lash which were really sparkly. Unfortunately they don't show up well for the camera. Kerry loved this look.

I am doing the makeup for Kerrys Sister in laws Wedding in a few months time and all the bridesmaids including Kerry so it should be a great day & i will take lots of photos to share.
Do you have people ask you to do there makeup for them?
I think it comes with the territory of being into makeup lol.
Let me know if you like these kinds of posts? I love photos when reading posts and love to see before and afters. xxx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Take a look at my chest !!!!!!! & see my bedroom

No I have not had a boob job. I am referring to my latest buy for my bedroom storage. I got a lovely little storage box a few weeks ago when out shopping in meadowhall & then yesterday i went into TK max and spotted 2 gorgeous little chests in exactly the same style so of course i had to purchase them as it seemed like fate.
Now i have used all 3 boxes for beauty storage and they are surprisingly sturdy. Take a look:
I have filled the smallest with hair accessories, clips, brushes, bands that kind of thing.
The smaller of the two chests i have filled with my perfumes, body sprays and scented lotions. They all stand up perfectly in there so less chance of spillage and it fits nicely on my window shelf.
Everytime i open it i get a gorgeous whiff. I will do a post later of my fragrance collection but it is mainly sweet and creamy types.

The big chest i have added all my bangles, chunkier jewelry and there is still loads and loads of space for me to add more. I love the fact that it is filled with jewelry it makes me feel like a pirate with hidden treasure .
Here is a quick glimpse of my bedroom which is a working progress. Excuse all the stuff under the bed but i am struggling for storage, I've ordered a brown leather trunk so will use that when it comes.Last but not least my dressing table which gets a lot of love, I've not had it long and wonder what i did without one.
I love the fact that all my bits and pieces are tucked away neat & tidy but still easy to use as all in my bedroom.
The dressing table drawers are filled with makeup and bedside cabinet filled with skincare and hair products.
If you are wondering where the wardrobes are i have a little doorway with a small walk in wardrobe. Its too small though so am hoping to get some wardrobes in the spare room to keep my going out clothes in.
Hope you are all having a great day and enjoying the sunshine xxx