About Me !

Nicoletta's blog is just my little space to talk about everything beauty related, makeup, skincare, hair & fashion.
A world where pink is the ultimate colour and girls can be girls.
I will write honest reviews and hopefully find my ultimate products that i continuously search for amongst the millions of products out there on the shelves.
I love my followers and aim to spread a little happiness even if it is by way of lipgloss :)

I am happy to answer Emails if anyone has any questions or just fancy a chat nicolettarocchiccioli@yahoo.co.uk

My skin type: Normal to oily with breakouts. I have a few little pigmentation spots and some freckles.

Hair Type: Fine but lots of it. Dry ends, oily roots and coloured. I like products that give me volume and oomph and lots of shine.

Colouring: My skin colour varies a lot depending on the time of year and if im self tanning or not but im usually about a shade NC 25 in Mac and medium/ medium deep in tinted moisturisers.

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair Naturally dark but coloured Red