Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ins & Outs

I thought i might do a few In's and Outs for you pretty ladies. I really like reading these from other bloggers so off we go:


1. Bling. I just cant get enough bling , sparkle and shimmer in my life. Polishes, blushers, eyeshadows, glosses and of course diamonds.

2. AHA's. My skin is loving AHA creams at the moment and i wonder how i managed without them before.

3. Maxi dresses and flipflops. Who doesnt love a maxi dress no trying to look stylish just throw on with sunglasses and instant glamour

4. St Moriz. Saving a fortune on tanning with this cheap and brilliant tan.

5. False eyelashes. Any false eyelashes turn an everyday makeup into glamourpuss heaven.


1. Ugg boots. Yes they are comfy, yes i have worn them to death but it's spring , summer fashion now so put them away.

2. Holidaying in the UK, sorry but who wants to be here with unpredictable weather when we can be laying smouldering on a red hot beach.

3. Drunken nights. I'm just too old for falling over drunk and hangovers. Far better to know when to stop.

4. Heavy perfume. Time to get a nice fresh perfume for daily spritzing and revitalising.

5. Sunburn. It does not look good looking like a lobster. Sunscreen all the way. As soon as the sun comes out so do the numptys who cover themselves in baby oil and fry. WHY ?????


  1. LOL - my boyfriends mum has refused to come out with me in public if i wear my uggs anymore! She said I look like a crazy person walking around in fur lined boots when its roasting outside! They are just too comfy for me to tear myself away from tho! x

  2. This blog made me smile. Specially the sunburn piccy. lol. Hope your having a lovely day Nic. xx

  3. Thanks girls that photo made me laugh as well but seriously that must of been agony.
    Emzee i love my uggs as well but have forsed myself to put them away for now lol xx

  4. LOVE maxi dress with flip-flops like crazy !!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx