Monday, 7 June 2010


Hello girlies, i really want to tell you about my new Bronzing powder which was sent to me from Beauty Judge . If you are not already familiar with this web site then i highly recommend you take a look. Beauty judge is a web site dedicated to all beauty related products and members are given great incentives so check it out.
Anyway on with the review:
As soon as i tried this product i instantly fell in love with it. I tried colour no 420.8 Mediterranean summer and it was the perfect shade for me. It costs just over £30.00 which is expensive but so worth it in my opinion. I wont be trying anything else now I've found this little gem.

The packaging is nice and sturdy with a mirror compact and a hidden sponge underneath.
The unit is refillable as well although i can see it taking quite a while to get to the bottom of this pan. Now i do like to use a bronzer. I am lucky enough to have slightly naturally tanned skin but i can always do with a boost. So i have tried my fair share of bronzers which are out there on the market and I'm sure you will all know where I'm coming from when i say the majority are 1 of two things.

1. Far too shimmery. I don't know why many companies think that a bronzer needs buckets full of shimmer or glitter. I hate that. If i want a shimmer i will add a highlighter powder or cream.
2. They all tend to be orange based. Again not a good look unless you want to look like an orange.

This bronzer is soooo different. The powder is completely matte which is brilliant as you can build the colour up much easier with a matte shade and also it makes it look so much more natural. The 2nd thing is the colour. I adore the colour it really is a light brown. No orange undertones or anything. It is really easy to go darker or lighter as well by using one side more than the other. I did need to be quite heavy handed for this to show up well on my skin but i would much rather that than have a colour that is too dark.
The finish is so natural but yet makes a huge difference to my end makeup look.
I applied this with an angled blusher brush and it needed virtually no blending, the areas i applied it too was temples , jaw line, a tiny bit on the forehead and nose. I love the way it makes my skin look warmer instantly.
I love the fact the product also contains SPF 12 and is water resistant so ideal for holidays as well.
This will definitely be packed into my suitcase this year.
I have added some photos which you can see how subtle the bronzer is but yet seems to make my skin look more polished.
What do you think ladies?

Before Bronzer , After Bronzer , Finished Makeup


  1. Adding the pictures was a really good idea :)
    You can really see the difference with and without the bronzer :)


  2. Thankyou i was worried it wouldnt show up well enough so i'm pleased you can tell thanks for the feedback xx

  3. Wow that looks gorgeous. I always find bronzers too shimmery and orange too, but that looks perfect!

  4. ArtDeco is a seriously underrated brand, you can see some reviews of their other products on my site, but yeh everything I've had from them has been excellent.

  5. Bronzer= good! I love the photo comparisson

  6. Jo I'm the same this is the first one that has hit the spot.
    I will check out your reviews Amateur Kit this is the 1st artdeco product i have tried and am seriously impressed.
    Thanks Prettyaspeaches i'm going to try to do more photo comparisson reviews xx

  7. Yeahhhhhhh love the result!
    Thx for sharing ;)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx