Monday, 21 June 2010

Gold & Bronze look

Hi there everyone, i just found a few photo of a post i was going to do but forgot all about so thought i would show you all.
I created this eye look by using pixie epoxy then dabbed on a lancome gold pigment which i never normally use then blended sleek DIRTY pigment into the crease.
Lined with urban decay 24/7 pencil and prestige my biggest lashes mascara.
It would of looked a lot better with falsies but i ran out of time .
This was a look i was practising for a night out but its not dramatic enough so i will have to try again maybe add some black to the outer corner & big lashes? What do you think?


  1. It's pretty :D


  2. I really like this look. :3 Very pretty.

  3. love this look, and it really really suits you! gorgeous!

  4. This looks beautiful, I just love bronze eyeshadows! x

  5. Yes love this look, you are gorgeous :)

  6. I love this look! You looking stunning :)

    Youtube Channel:


  7. Thanyou girls i find some golds too wishy washey on me but the pixie epoxy really seems to make the gold stand out a lot more x

  8. Very pretty! Maybe blend a little Carbon in the V to make it more dramatic for a night out (which you suggested so yes, do that!)

  9. Thanks prettyaspeaches i dont have carbon but have a black so will try that i think xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx