Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Favourites for june 2010

I thought i would jump on the band wagon and share my June favourites. These are the makeup items I'm loving this month:
1. My clinique Gentle light loose powder. I have had this for a few years and forgot how beautiful it is until recently. It is really flattering with a tiny hint of shimmer its perfect for summer with or without foundation.
2. My artdeco bronzer Love love love it. Has been used nearly everyday this month. Full review HERE
3. MAC tendertone in take a hint. This smells divine strawberry and kiwi. Its so moisturising and gives just a hint of colour.
4. ELF mineral blusher in JOY. A really pretty natural blush with a pretty shimmer for a girly gentle glow.
5. BENEFIT IT STICK. I have loved this freebie so much I've been using it for blemishes , under eyes, inner corners of eyes etc. I love the colour and multi useage of this and extra happy that it was free.
6. Prestige my longest lashes mascara. This had been OK before but now summers here i see the beauty of it. Pretty long lashes with no clumps ideal for a more natural look.
7. Prestige eyeshadow in coffee bean. I've been using everyday for eyebrows and its a perfect matte shade which lasts all day.
8. bare essentials brow brush. The best eyebrow brush I've used, in combination with the prestige powder my brows look 100 times better.

I think my makeup loves change so much in the summer as i tent to like a more natural look.


  1. I'm loving the It Stick too! Can't believe it was free! Well, practically... ;)

  2. Yep, Eye Bright was the one I wanted but the IT stick is the one I adore. Should be no surprise really, Erase paste is the only mu product I've ever been really loyal to over and over again, day in and out! I like the sound of the Prestige mascara.

  3. the eyeshadow in coffee bean looks good..!

  4. I also like the Prestige mascaras. :)

  5. Me too. I love my biggest lashes for a night out its so dramatic. x

  6. nice post!
    im following you! follow back?
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  7. Ooh so jealous of the benefit freebie.. stupid american glamour haha :)

  8. Ariel we have been getting so many nice freebies lately in magazines, i think everybody is competing really hard to get more sales and they know when us girlys love a product we keep buying it xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx