Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A shade or 2 of blue & Swatches

Well ladies i thought i might give you a little breakdown of my blue / purple shades of eyeliner pencils. I have quite a few and they are all quite different from each other.
Blue is not a shade i wear that often but i find all these shades really wearable.

So here they are swatched on my hand and taken with a flash. My newest addition is right at the top Gosh ice blue. Its a really gorgeous pastel baby blue colour with great pigmentation.

My favourite has to be the Lancome Vatulele its such a bright turquoise which looks so vibrant on the eyes.

Here's the swatches with no flash but the lighting's a bit rubbish as it was night time.
So that's how i spent my evening after the kids were in bed. Swatching these liners for you giries.
When i came downstairs my lovely husband had lit the fire. Its the first time its been lit for ages and it was so nice to just relax watching rubbish TV feeling all snug in the lounge.
I love an open fire its so cosy and comforting.

We have a rug in front of the fire as its wooden floors and the kids love to lay in front of it after a nice warm bath and drink hot chocolate. Its lovely.

Anyway if you would like me to use any of the pencils for a FOTD or review any of them just let me know.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Sleek pout polish Pink Cadillac

Hi ladies, hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday Monday. I know the sleek lip polishes have been around for ages but i have only just tried my first one so thought i would show you it today. I really love how shiny it looks on and it smells gorgeous. I cant make out if its chocolate or something? If anyone knows let me know.

I love the rasberry bright colour in the pot. I applied it with my ruby & millie lip brush.

It's bright on the lips but not in your face bright. I think it lifts the rest of my makeup.

Do you girls have any of these and more so do you actually wear them?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle foundation & silver hearts

So here is a few photographs of me wearing the new Lancome foundation Teint Miracle in shade 04.
I am really impressed with it. The website states
Lancôme invents its first foundation that recreates the aura of natural light emanating from beautiful skin. Teint Miracle foundation is designed to create a complexion that appears naturally bare, flawless and luminous, as if illuminated from within. Its hydrating, non–greasy texture blends seamlessly into the skin to create a flawless complexion. SPF 15

I have to say though my skin certainly does not look bare with this foundation, i find it medium to full coverage with a really lovely glow to it. I find if i apply it with my ELF flat top brush it gives a really flawless look.
On my skin i need to apply a little powder after applying this foundation otherwise it tends to look too shiny towards the end of the day but i do have combination skin with a slightly oily t zone.
I have found the foundation photographs really well which is brilliant as it contains an SPF 15 which usually results in that horrible white cast on photographs but this foundation seems to photograph true to life colour and really natural.
My best friend came over the other day when i was wearing my sample and she asked me what foundation i had on as my skin looked gorgeous.

I also love how light it feels on my skin and will be saving up to buy this as my next foundation.

Here is my simple eye makeup i wore & my comfy black jumper with a huge silver heart 





Sunday Shoutout

Good morning my lovelies, this morning i want to share another shout out for another brilliant blog
I love nothing better on a sunday than to sit and have a catch up with my fellow bloggers. If you have not come across Ellies blog before then pop across and have a read. Her blog is full of fashion, beauty and other gorgeous girly gossip.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Tag 8 Questions ????

I was tagged by the lovely Sabra Rose thanks hun ! So here are her fab questions:
1) What's your favourite lipstick or lipgloss?
I go through fazes like most of us i think but i am loving my MAC Creme d nude at the moment.

2) Do you love fake tan or do you just embrace being pale?
I am naturally quite tanned, i think being half Italian helps but i do like to give myself a helping hand so fake it with St moritz or whatever i have to hand. I always wear a high factor sunscreen when out in the sun and a spf on my face all the time.

3) Are you a dog or cat person?
I don't have any pets but i do love dogs, particularly little cute ones. I don't like poop though. So i couldn't have a dog lol. If i did have a dog though it would be one like this:

4) Do you feel more comfortable in jeans or a skirt?
I definitely feel more comfortable in Jeans but more Sexy in a skirt.

5) Do you like matte or glowy skin? Do you prefer to start with a matte base and highlight certain places on your face or do you just like to glow all over?
I love to look glowy i think its flattering but not greasy looking. Just healthy and natural. I do love a nice highlighter on the cheekbones especially strobe cream from MAC

6) What's your favourite fruit?
Melon, i love the melon you get when you are abroad, its always so sweet.

7) Who's your style icon and who's your make-up icon?
I don't really have a style or make up icon. I dont follow trends that much i just wear what i like and think flatters my shape.
I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers :)

8) How do you feel about tattoos?
I love tattoos on men. I think certain ones are gorgeous on girls. I don't have any myself although i have been tempted.
I think its a really personal thing and some people look amazing with them and some look a bit tacky.
When i first met my husband it was on a blind date and he wore a long sleeved top just to cover his tattoos as he thought it might put me off him ( bless )

My Questions are:
1. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
2. How many times have you really been in love?
3. Favourite body lotion?
4. Do you believe in spirits/ ghosts?
5. Whats your favourite drink? Alcoholic or soft drink?
6. Do you have a big family?
7. Did you have a nickname at school?
8. What 1 makeup/ skincare item are you lusting after?

The chosen ones i tag are :
The Bristol beauty blog
Makeup for everyone
Simply me
Missy ellie's make up blog
MartianDelights Makeup Blog
Mission Pretty

Friday, 27 August 2010

Models own order & my polish collection

So ladies, my models own order has arrived. It came in just two days which is really good as the 50% discount means they have been super busy so i thought the delivery might have taken a little longer. I did not put in a huge order as I'm trying to cut down on spending but at half price i just couldn't resist.

I have to say i am really pleased with this little order and couldn't wait to swatch them for you guys.

This is 2 quick coats. I love how vibrant these shades are and really easy to apply. They also seem to dry pretty quick which is always a bonus as i never have much time to let them dry.

since i started blogging i have been wearing polish on my nails all the time and it has made a huge difference to them. My nails were always breaking before but the polish is obviously making them stronger and my nails have never been this long before.

Champagne, i love this colour its so shimmery i think i will wear this one a lot.

Pink fizz, the coverage is not great but i think after 3 coats it will be a lot better. It is a lot more glittery and pretty in real life. I think this will look great as a top coat layered over the champagne.
I will also try a glitter tip look with this one.

I decided to wear Fuzzy peach as i have been wanting this shade for a while.

So on to a quick glimpse of my polish collection. I thought you might like a little nosey of the types of colours i like.
I store my nail varnish in a vanity case with pull out drawers which they just about all fit into. ( at the moment )

The top layer holds my brights.

The 2nd layer holds my french colours.

The 3rd layer holds my reds, blacks, and darker colours.

Nudes, browns and golds are in the bottom as well as my  base coats and lots of various top coats.

If anybody wants to see swatches of any of my polishes just ask.
 I think my collection is quite small and no doubt i will be buying a few nice colours for Autumn.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Autum look with creme d nude

Morning everyone, first i want to say thank you for sticking with me and following, it means such a lot to me when i get all your lovely comments. I cant quite believe i have over 250 followers I'm amazed.
Now if you lot are anything like me, you just have to try on everything you purchased as soon as possible so for me it was the next day.
I wanted to wear my new cream summer dress but the weather was definately not in a summery mood so i came up with this little look.

It was a nice change to wear my boots and the cardi wast just enough to keep the chill off my shoulders.

I added a little bracelet just so it looked like i had made a little effort.

Then of course i had to try out my new makeup sample of foundation from lancome. ( review to come soon )
Not forgetting the gorgeous crem d nude lipstick from mac.

The greens on my eyes were from one of my sleek palettes and i added a little black at the corners and blended it well. Then i used clinique Egyptian cream liner and prestige mascara.
Are you girls the same do you always have to try everything out as soon as possible or do you let your new stuff sit tucked away for a rainy day?
Have a great day my lovelies xx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mini shopping trip

Hello my beautiful bloggers , as promised i thought i would show you what little bits i got when i went shopping the other day. I was really disappointed as i had my heart set on getting the naked palette from Urban Decay at meadowhall house of fraiser but when i got there they said they didnt sell Urban Decay anymore.
But  i did manage to get a Mac Creme d nude lipstick with my back to mac so Free and its the first time i have had this lipstick so am quite excited as i know it has a bit of a cult following.

Next i went and asked for a sample of bare minerals foundation and the new lancome one so i am really keen to try these out. Reviews will be coming shortly. I love getting samples to try even if the assistance are quite scary at times lol.

Then i popped into the new L'occitane store and got talking to the lovely assistant there, she was really helpful and i purchased this almond, apple cleansing oil, it smells just gorgeous and i have been wanting to try a cleansing oil other than DHC so was really pleased to find this. At £16 a little pricey but i got a few little samples to try as well and came out the shop a happy bunny.

I found this gorgeous summer dress in miss selfridge and i know summer has gone really but i couldnt resist at just £6 instead of £32 i will no doubt wear it a lot next year, it looks white in the photo but its actually cream.

Lastly i got some little hair clips again from miss selfridge. I thought these would go with anything and everything. xx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

OOTD & FOTD Shopping trip

Hello lovely ladies, i just thought I'd show you what i wore yesterday when i went shopping. Very plain and comfy. Lets face it you need comfort when you are trailing round the shops for a few hrs. Sorry about the rubbish photos but i was rushing about.
Here's a few close ups of my makeup of the day too.

Greys on the eyes and neutral lips for a soft daytime look.

Sleek polish in buff. I love this colour its so classic looking. I will be doing an upcoming post soon about a few bits i got on this shopping trip.
I have a girlie friend coming for tea tonight so need to rush off now. Hope you all have a great evening. Hugs xx

Nicoletta's Nick Nacks

I'm sorry i can't stop giggling about the title it sounds like a great name for a shop don't you think?
Anyway i am always on the look out for little Nick Nacks for my home as it is quite a big house with lots of empty wall space which makes the place look a bit unhomely so i am making it my mission to pretty the place up a little. Here are my latest buys

I got this wire heart shaped hanger from the one and only TK MAX. It was just £6.99. I plan on hanging this somewhere in my bedroom and adding photos to it of me and hubby.

This plaque i brought yesterday when shopping at meadow hall in Sheffield. There is a place called the lanes with some little shops it caught my eye as we are always loosing our keys. I've hung this on the wall next to the front door. It cost £8.99 and i just love it.

My final Nick Nack is again from yesterdays shopping trip and it cost just £4.99, i have hung this in the kitchen next to the window.

I still need lots of things for the house, pictures, mirrors, shelves all sorts really. So keep an out for more of Nicoletta's Nick Nacks.
Do you girls have a favourite shop for home items or do you search around like me ?