Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bargain Facial Wipes for Problem Skin

These facial wipes have now become my favourite wipes which i use all the time. They are such a bargain as they are from asda and cost only 78p a pack in which you get 25 wipes.
The wipes contain tea tree oil and witch hazel which are both known to help problem skin as they are anti bacterial and also help to reduce redness and calm the skin.
I have very hormonal skin which often breaks out with spots but since using these i feel they have really helped control my outbreaks.

Asda sometimes have these on offer as well at 3 4 2 which really makes them cheap as chips.
I know facial wipes are not ideal and i often question myself as to why i am not using the traditional method of a cleansing wash or cream more often.
But if you are a busy mum like me or come in from a night out then sometimes you need something for a quick fix and these are perfect for the job.
I also remove my eye makeup with them and i find them very gentle i don't get any stinging or irritation which is a bonus.
If you suffer with outbreaks then i highly recommend trying these as they are about a quarter of the price of most wipes and in my opinion just as good if not better,.

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