Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Vidal Sassoon shine spray review

I recieved this product in a swap box recently and have found it to be brilliant for my hair. The only thing is i think that its been discontinued now :(
My hair is long and fine with dry ends which tends to make it look a bit dull. I usually find that shine sprays just make my hair look really greasy and lifeless so have steered clear of them for a while.
I only use a couple of sprays from this though and it gives a lovely sheen to my hair without any of the greasiness or heavy feeling that others tend to leave.
It's a big thumbs up Vidal Sassoon.

Do you use a shine spray any reccomendations for fine hair?


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! That's a bummer that they would discontinue this but maybe they replaced it with something better? I like Aveda products for shine and defrizzing. My hair is fine in texture but I have a mediumish amount of it.

  2. Such pretty hair you have :)
    I have curly hair, so I'm using products for curly hair :/

  3. you hair is gorgeous!!! xo

  4. You're gorgeous! I think if I search the house enough I might have a few more left :) I'll have a look and send you some! xx


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