Monday, 7 June 2010


So here is what i got on my little shopping trip!
2 bracelets from a cheapy shop £3 for both.
An assie 3 minute miracle mask for my hair
Some topshop earrings
Barry M lipstick shade 129
Models own lipstick shade coral
Models own nail polish shade nude beige
MAC tendertone (Came in post today) shade take a hint

I've wanted some wing earrings for i dont know how long and i spotted these for just £6 in topshop.

I was thrilled when i went into my local boots to find they have started stocking models inc so i picked up this nude beige shade to try. Also all cosmetics were on three for two so i couldn't resist.

Swatches of barry m 129 on the left
Models own coral on the right.

Bright i know but i'm feeling adventurous today.

What i wore today. Believe it or not it's the 1st time i've worn a blazer.
Dress from ASDA £10

Me just before i hit the shops.

MAC tendertone in take a hint.

MAC tendertone, i love the tendertones so much i will probably end up wearing this pretty much everyday they keep your lips so soft and smell gorgeous kiwi and strawberry yummy.

Models own lipstick which i now officially love.

Models own lipstick which i now officially love.

Close up of models own lipstick in coral.

All in all i'm pretty pleased with my purchases and now i really must try and stop spending so much but it's so tempting with so many nice things out there. Do you other girls set yourself a budget for shopping and more importantly do you stick to it? It's a hard life being a girl isn't it xx


  1. The earrings look amazing!!

  2. Really do want the Coral lipstick by Models own, it looks lovely on you.

    Also really like the earrings.

    Fee x

  3. Where did you get your tendertone from and how much did you pay for it (if you don't mind saying...)? I've always wanted one!

    Got your package in the post today btw, thank you SO much!!! :D



Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx