Monday, 28 June 2010

Lacura Wrinkle Stop Review

I'm sure most of you have heard the hype on this product already but it is relatively new to me so thought i would share my review with you guys.
I was sent this product from beautyjudge (THANKYOU) to test out although i was very excited to try it after reading all the hype i must admit i was somewhat sceptical. After all it is only a cream not botox.

The £6 tubes of Lacura Wrinkle Stop contain a compound called Syn-Ake, which mimics the snake's paralysing venom. It promises to block the nerve signals which cause facial muscles to contract and can lead to lines.

Available to buy from Aldi the supermarket.

Other products containing Syn-Ake cost up to £60 per pot, and are popular with Hollywood stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Hilary Swank.

I love the packaging as the cream is held in which looks like a giant syringe which is clever marketing and i have never seen a cream packaged like this before. It is also easy to apply a small amount of pressure to get the right amount needed which avoids waste.
On the downside there is only 10ml in this which compared to most face creams is a very small amount. A lot of brands package theres in 30ml for small or 50ml for large. But to be fair this is not a cream for all over use as you only place it in targeted areas of lines. eg around the mouth, eyes, forehead. So it should last you longer.
In my opinion the price is excellent even though you don't get a lot of product as there are very few creams on the market similar to this and the ones that are have a much much higher price tag.

I will not go into the science part of this review but the main marketing & hype about this cream is: It claims to reduce wrinkles, lines noticeably by using a substance to block nerve muscles. This substance has a similar make up to snake venom.

Does it work? I am nearly 35 and although i don't have many lines i do have a prominent line across my forehead and the beginnings of crowsfeet. I applied the cream in a thickish layer and tapped it into my skin only on these areas. Although the cream is very light in texture i did find it a bit sticky but that may be because i was applying quite a thick layer.
I applied this twice a day after cleansing and toning.
I can say that although i cant see a difference around my eyes i can see a noticeable difference on my forehead. The line there has definitely softened. I have found also that after applying this in the mornings my foundation seems to go on smoother on these areas and does not sit in the lines as much. I am really surprised as it has only been 10 days.
I do not think other people could notice it on me as the results are only subtle but i am thrilled with the results in such a short time span and would urge anyone who has concerns with lines to give this one a try.

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  1. Oooo great review hunny. Cannot beat Aldis Lacura range at the moment for quality and affordabilty. Ive not really got any lines yet, all the anti aging astuff I use much be working somehow haha, but Im defo gunna keep this product in mind. I have actually seen it in my local Aldi.



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