Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The perfect eyebrows

I have finally found a really quick, easy cheap way to get my eyebrows looking neat and groomed without looking too harsh.
1. Brush upwards with brow comb.
2. Using Prestige eyeshadow in coffee Bean and bare minerals brow brush apply little strokes to fill in gaps.

Voila done.
The shadow is the perfect colour for me and totally matte, it works like a dream and so quick as well.
Do you use powder or pencil or nothing in your brows?


  1. I don't really use anything in my brows, I just brush them in to place usually. If they're looking particularly wild I'll just put some clear gel on them.

    That technique really works for you though, looks lovely! x

  2. I dont usually use anything in my eyebrows. I usually end up rubbing them so would end up with brow stuff all over my face!
    Your brows look really great. x

  3. I'm using concrete e/s from MAC coz I don't have a lot of brow :/
    Love the result of your brow ;)

  4. I use powder.
    Its actually an eyeshadow called espresso from Avon. Works a treat :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx