Monday, 27 February 2012

Korres Wild Rose Brightening Mask!

My skin has been rather shoddy lately. Due to a mixture of me not taking care of my skin as well as i should and lots of late nights and a lack of water. I've been looking dull and have a bit of an outbreak too. Grrrr i hate it when my skin looks like this.
I have however disovered a new Facemask which is just Amazing. I've only used it 3 times but each time it has left my skin feeling so much smoother, less congested and looking really bright.

Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask

The mask feels amazingly creamy on the skin and smells beautiful. It doesnt set hard which i quite like and it isnt too heavy for my oily areas either. I can see this mask is one of the few that really works on all skin types.

Packed with gorgeous natural ingredients like Wild Rose oil, Shea Butter and Avocado Butter

I'm going to continue to use this hopefully twice a week for about 15 minutes as it really seems to be helping. I can see a visible difference immediately after use and my breakout seems to be clearing up too.
You can get this mask over at Bath & unwind for £16 here
Have you tried this mask before and do you like the smell of rose?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mini Haul!

It's been a while since i went clothes shopping and so last week i decided to treat myself to a few bits. I love looking at what other people have purchased so thought I'd show you my newbies:

I found this Lipsy top in one of the NEXT outlets and just had to have it.

Gold cross ring from  BANK

Tan Skinny Jeans from Primark

Vest Top from BANK

I have a hen night in Liverpool soon and although i already brought a dress for the occasion, i saw this and really liked it. Besides it's a girls prerogative to have at least 2 choices :)

Miss Selfridge Dress


I think it will look nice with some hot pink sky scraper heels and of course hot pink lips!
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend xx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Weekly Workings!

This week i have been making lots of products to replenish my stock at marshmallowblends things are picking up nicely as word is getting out and more and more people are trying my products. 
I've been working a new Vanilla & Brown sugar scrub which smells Amazing.

Oh and these Creme Brulee Shea Bath Melts 

I was really excited to see my feature today in the Working Womans Magazine which can be found here if you fancy a read.

Apart from that Ive been trying to eat healthily, doing my weekly Zumba class and Wii Zumba and my clothes are getting looser so I'm feeling positive that i will fit into my bridesmaid dress in May if i keep up the good work.

Hope you are all having a good week xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Grandma OCC & Bellapierre Blush!

Today's Post is a FOTD to show off 2 new products that i was sent to review from an on line Shop which specialises in Organic and cruelty free products. I was shocked at all the gorgeous products they stock so don't blame me when you click on this link to cutECOsmetics if you find your wish list growing bigger by the second

 I have a few OCC lip Tars already and love how pigmented they are. If i could afford it I'd happily own all the colours so this new shade i received in Grandma was a very welcome addition to my little collection. I have seen various swatches that are not very true to life so the below swatch is as true to life as i could get.

The shade is a gorgeous mixture of orange, coral, peach and red. I don't have anything like it at all. I plan on mixing it with a few other shades to show you some combinations at a later date. For now I'm in love with it just as it is :)

OCC Lip Tar Grandma

The lip Tars are really long lasting and fairly matte in texture. Obviously you can top with a gloss but i like to wear it without. Each little tube will last for ages as you need a tiny dot of colour on each application as its so pigmented.

The second product i got to try out was a mineral blusher from the Bellapierre range. Now i have heard lots about this range but this is the first time I've tried anything so i was quite excited. 
The shade desert rose is a tan, peach shade with a soft sheen finish. Its quite strong in pigment so i needed to apply it with a light hand but it leaves a beautiful natural glow and lasts all day long. 

The product comes with a sifter which is less messy than a lot of the other mineral products Ive tried and although its a bit on the pricey side I'm sure it will last a seriously long time as i needed such a small amount.

The website itself sells lots of gorgeous products including Betty Hula, EOS and Lily Lolo. The prices are really competitive and there is even Free Delivery on UK orders. 
What do you think of the products in this FOTD?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

P.S I Love You Lush!

Valentines day is just around the corner and that means LUSH have released another load of gorgeous products. I was sent the most gorgeous little gift set which would make an ideal present or of course a little treat for yourself. P.S I Love You!

I just adore the box, it has such a romantic vintage look to it and would look beautiful on a dressing table.

 Inside the box is 4 gorgeous products that hint at sexy playful gestures and smell really soft and feminine.

Sweetheart Soap
Sensual Jasmine, Mandarin and vanilla. 
I really like the smell of this and am looking forward to trying it out. It's a new one for me but anything pink and heart shaped always appeals.

Next up is the Soft Coeur Massage Bar.
This is my personal favourite from all the Lush Massage bars and one Ive repurchased a few times. Fragranced with Honey and chocolate  it makes a lovely massage bar and if you cant blag a massage on Valentines day then when can you :)

Silky Underwear
A dusting of Jasmine, Vertivert and cocoa butter powder for silky skin. I have not tried this before but am pleasantly surprised. It feels lovely and leaves skin softly scented. Its not a product id personally use everyday but its a lovely addition to the box and something I'd use on special occasions ;)

It's Raining Men
One of my all time favourite shower gels from Lush.Honey and Toffee are the strongest scents in this and it feels very moisturising and sensual on the skin.

So start hinting now if you like the look of this. In fact sod hinting just go and buy it yourself lol. 
Just before i finish this post i want to mention a Bath Ballistic which is a LTD Valentines newbie called The Leap Frog £2.75

This cute frog with the kissable lips was named in honer of 2012 being a leap year and that time when tradition says Women can propose.

Scented with Jasmine, Sandalwood and Rose. 
Instructions for use: Pop on your brightest red lippy and run a bath big enough for two throw The leap frog in followed by your other half and jump in as well. Whoever said 3's a crowd was wrong.

OK so they are not the Instructions for use but it could be fun right?

So What are your plans for Valentines? Do you make a big fuss or does it pass by like any other day for you?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Well Hello Halo!

Long hair will always be a girls best friend in my book and if I'm honest I'm a bit naughty when it comes to regular hair cuts as i like to have my hair as long as possible and I'm always scared the hairdresser will cut too much off. I've worn hair extensions on and off for years but as my hair is very fine i struggle as the clip in ones always show if I'm not careful which makes me paranoid about wearing them unless its in a dark nightclub lol.

So recently i was invited to try the Halo Hair extensions which are a little bit different as they don't have the conventional clips but instead its 1 waft of hair (Double thickness i imagine) that is held in place by an invisible thin band which sits on the crown of your head. Hence the name Halo!

I was sent the light brown shade

I coloured mine a little darker to match my own hair exactly but you can buy the hair to match your own with a wide choice of shades ranging from lightest blond to jet black

The clear wire is totally transparent and cannot be seen once its placed properly in the hair. Its really easy to apply you basically take the upper section of hair and place the weft onto the head and pull some of your own hair out over the top of the clear band  until it sits right and feels secure. 

It feels very lightweight and secure in the hair once its in and is a LOT easier to insert than regular clip in extensions.

I have had so many compliments on these extensions and all my friends want some now they have had a glimpse of these. I would wholeheartedly recommend them especially for ladies with fine hair.

My Halo is the 20" and costs £89.99. They are also available in 16" if you don't need them as long as this. The friendly people at Halo will even match your hair colour for you if you are unsure so makes the choice that much easier. I will do a You tube video at some point to show how easy these are to wear and maybe try some up do's etc. Check out the Halo website for more info.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Marshmallow Soap Fun!

Tonight i decided on a whim to have a go at making soap. Ive never really thought too much about making soap as for some reason i didn't think soap was overly popular these days but anyhow i wanted to play and make something girly.
I decided on a Marshmallow Fragrance to fit in with my Marshmallowblends website and here's what i came up with:

Pink & White Girly Soap Slabs

I didn't even have a proper mold or anything but i just improvised and am quite pleased with my 1st attempt. Its made with an SLS free Shea Butter soap base and as i said its fragranced with a yummy marshmallow fragrance. 

So my question is:
Do you use soap? Do you think of soap as being old fashioned or do you love to use soap? Thanks so much ladies xx