Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I think i must be the only blogger left to have only just bought this palette. I don't know why because i have most of the others but for some reason it has took me all this time to buy it.
I kept looking at it in the shop thinking it was gorgeous, but well just not me really.
I am not a huge colour fan and so while i loved the look of this palette i didn't think i would get the use out of it.
Is this a palette you had to buy then after trying the gorgeous vibrant hot colours out shoved to the back of the drawer?
I wanted to see if i could create a smokey look with this as if i go out i love a smokey look and this came up trumps i love this smoking look.
Some of the colours are stunning especially the blues which might be overshadowed by the brights which instantly grab your attention.
Anyways here is my smokey look with this palette:

I have used the last 4 colours out of the palette. The grey, black, and two blues. The lighter blue is especially gorgeous its so shimmery and if you apply it on top of the other colours it gives a beautiful two tone effect.
I am not suggesting that i wont use the other colours in this palette as i definitely will but just wanted to do something different rather than the obvious.
If you have this palette give these colours some love lol.
I think the black would be gorgeous with the hot pink in the crease so that might be my next look with this palette.
This palette is so versatile it definitely is not a 1 trick pony.
I really want the bohemian palette but they never had it in my local superdrug so i am a bit disappointed as i love the textures and blendability of the sleek eyeshadows.


  1. Your eye looks lovely!!

    And you are not alone - I haven't bought it because it's not even stocked in my Superdrug!!!! Gutted

  2. I love those colours out of the Acid palette. Your eyes look lovely!

  3. Wow, lovely smokey eye! Acid was my first Sleek palette ever, although it has been laying in the back of my drawer for gave me inspiration!

    Bohemian was a limited edition, I own two of them, and I think I will put one up for sale on ebay soon (just need to find the time to post all my things on ebay...cos it really takes time), so i will tell you when it will be up for grabs, ok?

  4. Oooohh that looks soooooo pretty. Excuse me whilst I hot-foot it to superdrug! xxx

  5. love the blue smokey look!

  6. I have this palette and love it :D

  7. that is so beautiful! that picture has just convinced me i need this palette x

  8. Wow I've been out most of the day and just got back to all these comments thankyou.
    I think the smokey look suits most people especially when its not black. Glad you like it girlies xx

  9. Wow dang!!! Looks hot! How do I now own this palette?

  10. Wow, Sleek do seem to do some lovely blues. I think I have all the current palettes except this one, it looked too colourful but I think you've sold it to me. Lovin the looks you put together! More sleek looks pls!!

  11. More sleek looks coming up xx

  12. Those colours on your look are amazing.. but in the palette I would only ever wear the silver and black I think!

  13. This look is awesome! I love this palette, but that's because I adore bright colours and so the palette is great :D If you prefer smoky looks, maybe you should try the Original or the Storm palettes - they have lots of smoky, shimmery eye colours.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx