Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Organising my little makeup Stash! ( heavy photos )

Morning ladies, i have had a few questions about how i organise my makeup and storage etc so thought i would show you how i stash my stuff.
I wanted to wait until i had it organised exactly how i want it but it might be a while yet so thought I'd show you how it is now.

 My main makeup area where i apply my makeup everyday.

 Next to my makeup area is a window cill where i have this little box chest from Ikea with my pigments stored on top.

 Pigments: Barry M & Mac

 The storage is from Partners stationary shop. I think i paid £12 for it. I love it as it's clear so easy to find what I'm looking for. I have a mix of Barry M, Mac, Everyday minerals, NYX, La Femme, Sleek

I only purchased this yesterday again from Partners. They have 342 at the moment and i thought the brown leather effect was nice. This holds so much.
The purple lipstick holder was one i had anyway and it fitted perfectly on here. At the back i have sleek, urban decay and NYX palettes. Also concealers, primer potion, clinique moisture surge spray and scissors

 In the front section i have Mac lipglosses and lipsticks, tendertones and sleek contour on the left.
Right side: Sleek palettes, Mascara, lash glue, mascaras, eyelash curlers, Eye pencils, lip pencils.

 Pull out drawer holds a few MAC eyeshadows, Paint pots and skinfinish.

 Brush holder again from partners in the 342 offer. This was only £5 and it has 3 sections so ideal for brushes.

 Lastly from partners was this letter holder which is great for palettes. Here's what it holds:

Front row Naked palette. This is great to have nearby as i use it a lot although it looks nearly new from the photo?

 2nd row is my MAC palette which still has a few gaps to fill :) an excuse to go shopping. This is kept with my too faced leopard palette which i use a lot.

 The last slot holds my Z palette which again has lots of space still and a palette with some milani eyeshadows and some pressed pigments.

 These drawers are from the £1 shop. I will be replacing them with leather look ones from partners but they are out of stock at the moment. Still they do the job for now.

 Top drawer: Cream, liquid liners

2nd Drawer:  More Mascaras

 3rd Drawer: Cream eyeshadows, Eyeshadow which i use on brows, Sharpener, tweezers and random eye products.

 4th Drawer: Lipglosses

 5th Drawer: Um Lipglosses

 6th Drawer: Ooops more lipglosses.

 Drawers in dressing Table. Top Drawer: Foundations, concealers, Powders

 2nd Drawer: Very random, eyeshadows, palettes, spare eyelash curlers, scissors, labels, bowl for mixing powders, blush etc.

Bottom Drawer: Blushers, bronzers and lipsticks. I recently did a big clear out and downsized a lot of my stuff but i still have too many mascaras and glosses but what can i say, i love makeup.
Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely day xx


  1. Wow what a collection! The leather storage looks beautiful! x

  2. you are very tidy and organised! nice makeup space :)

  3. So tidy and so nice! :-) I just love posts like this! :-)

  4. Love it, see my blogpost on my organisation here:

    Although I think I must have a lot less make up than you!

  5. WOW!!..What a great collections you have there hun.. Looks like your lipgloss addict..^_^.. I admire you..Your very organize and neat..

  6. Are you addicted to lipgloss by and chance haha
    Great storage,nice and tidy xx

  7. I love the leather look storage! All so neat considering you have alot of make-up!!

    The doll on fashion

  8. My collection was very organized, but I have realized I have so much lip products now that they need to be reorganized.

  9. You are very organised! I recently got a dressing table and organised it all nicely,then after a few days you couldnt even see the surface for mess lol actually not! x

  10. Seeing this makes me think I REALLY need to be more organised. Visit to the pound shop for some drawers.... I love the leather storage :)


  11. I have those £1 shop storage draws! Although they cost me £2.99 each- Love Supersavers!!

  12. What little make up stash doll!!Wow I'm so impressed and jealous of your make up collection!!!

  13. Wow, I'm amazed! I love your storage system, these leather compartments look so stylish!

    Great collection, I can see you love Clinique and Mac a lot ;)

  14. Wow awesome storage!!! Can you come over and organize me pretty please? :)

  15. such a great post thanks so much for doing it! such great ideas for storage =)

  16. Thanks girls
    cbsg5861 Yes Mac & Clinique are 2 of my favourite makeup companys.

    It isn't always this tidy by the way but i am going through an organising stage at home at the moment x

  17. wow, everything looks so neat!

    i love heavy photo posts, pictures speak out to me much more than words :) xxx

  18. i need to get myself some of those clear containers to organize my makeup!

  19. wow its so organised! and im very jealous of your amazing collection :) <33

  20. You have a very lovely collection :) I love all the lip gloss and lipsticks. XX

  21. Very organised - I'm so envious! I just cart mine around in a massive, over-spilling bag! x

  22. i LOVE posts like these! so much make up, i love it! x

  23. Collection posts/ videos are my favourites :-) Very organised! Love it x

  24. Love the brown leather storage bits from partners :) Love this post!


  25. I love this Post~! and I love eyelash curlers and having great lashes~! I need them as my lashes are so so straight.
    My favorite for the price is the Hot Lashes 2 PC heated eyelash curler~! It WORKS the BEST. It has a sturdy curler just like the SHU UEMURA one and comes with a small pink heater base thingy. I put the curler on the heater and it heats the pad so the curl last for me till the next day.
    My lashes stay super curly and my eyes look 3 times as big.
    I read reviews on and got mine at thier site.
    My major out there for the money..

  26. I like the way you've organized your makeup! :) You love lipglosses, don't you? lol :)


  27. Thanks so much for all your comments ladies. xxx

  28. X_X wow so many make ups!!!

    btw, thanks for this idea :) I'm thinking also now how I will organize my make ups :3 althought I don't have as much as u got :3 maybe I have just 1 of ur drawer >.< hihi

  29. oooh check this out!! i thrive on make up storage posts lol its like your little corner of heaven!! lol

  30. That is a really nice set up you have! love it!

  31. WOW! you're really organized! I'm suddenly inspired to organize my stuff! :D



Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx