Monday, 31 January 2011

A little fish in a BIG pond !

Wow Monday came round so fast. Today's post is prompted by a few conversations on twitter yesterday that i picked up on and also the huge number of bloggers that are out there.
Like the title says i am a little fish in a big pond.
I wonder if blogging makes people more confident? or less confident?
I keep reading things like i am far from beautiful and i don't have that many followers so?

This makes me a little bit sad. Personally i think if you have 19 followers or 1900 followers you can still have a valuable place in the world of blogging.

I don't think it matters what age you are, if you are considered or consider yourself pretty, if you are a highly paid trained makeup artist or somebody just starting out venturing into makeup,
Maybe i am naive?

Surely everyone looks for different qualities in a blog. I find myself following people for all sorts of reasons.
Because i like the way they write,
Because they have a similar colouring to me and i like to see what makeup they wear.
Because they comment on my blog
Because i like there style
Because they write interesting reviews
Because they do good makeup tutorials
Because i like there humour
The list goes on.

There are so many blogs out there that we can all start to feel a little inferior especially to some of the well known bloggers who have thousands of followers.
At the end of the day we all blog for free and should be enjoying it for what it is.
I love a lot of the well known bloggers, most of them give us inspiration and have worked damm hard to get to where they are.

We all have strengths and weaknesses and what floats one persons boat will not necessarily float anothers.

So be proud of your blog. No matter how Big or Small. It's a wonderful way to make friends and a definite learning curve.


  1. Couldn't agree more with you. If you're talking about the particular blog post which I think you're referring too I think it was quite childish and would stop people blogging as they'd think what's the point as I only have 20 followers? But who cares, Rome wasn't built in a day. Everyone does have a place in the blogging world regardless of who or what they are.


    Oh and I'm probably way behind the times here but love your new blog layout! :-)

  2. I love this piece. For me what matters is one is happy with what she writes and shares to the world whatever tidbit of knowledge she has coz' who knows it might make a difference to somebody who for example is one of only 20 followers:-)

  3. I agree too! Couldn't put it better myself x

  4. Hi Nicoletta,

    As the song goes 'you took the words right out of my mouth'. I had wanted to set up a blog for a long time before I actually did. The reason for this I think is because I know I am an interesting person with a lot to say in real life, but I had my doubts as to whether or not I could transfer my personality onto a computer screen. Would people 'get' the real me. Within a month of publishing my blog I started to suffer from 'blog envy' and a complete lack of confidence and considered just deleting the whole thing, but then I looked at the 60 followers that I had at that time and thought hang on a moment, there are 60 people that I have never met that have enjoyed reading what I have to say. From that moment on I have not looked back. I also read lots of other people's blogs, small blogs and international blogs and I get inspiration from everyone one of them. I love my little blog, it was made with love by me.

    Jude xx

  5. That's the good thing about blogging - it's accessible to everyone, and helps you to interact with like-minded people who are interested in the same things as you.

    I don't think it matters whether you've got a couple of followers or a couple of thousand followers, if you enjoy it then you should do it.

    And just when you think you follow every interesting beauty-related blog out there, you find a whole raft of new and brilliant ones you didn't even know existed :-)

  6. Nice post. I am one of those with wobbles at the moment! x

  7. hey sweety

    I think this is a lovely piece.

    I think numbers dont mean sh*t!!

    Those people who measure success by number of followers are sad.

    High numbers come from length of time you have been blogging and frequency of posts (Mine shot up when I was posting and commenting every week - growth has slowed right down now that I am posting every month - not that I care!!!!!).

    Giveaways are done primarily to boost numbers - why else do people (and yes I have done so in the past- and I blame early days blogging insecurity!!) insist you have to mention their blog on yours in order to qualify entry to a giveaway.

    I love all your reasons to follow a blog as they are the exact same as mine.

    Blogs are for expressing your thoughts on what you love - which for me is cupcakes and makeup - with some random fashion thrown in. and im not an expert on any of those nor do i consider being pretty a pre-qualifier to writing a blog.


  8. Lovely blog. I agree with you also. I have said this quite a few times myself !

    It's true we all look for different things when we stumble across a beauty blog but everyone should know that if we value our own work then also appreciate every other person who values your work whatever the content of your blog may be. Even if its 5 followers who may not even comment they are following you for a reason.

    The beauty blogging world has changed drastically since I started 3 years ago but I continue to be me and do what I want on my blog & if I gain some new faces on the way it's all appreciated.

    *snaps fingers* & gurrrrrl you know your blog is so damn cute :o) xoxo

  9. I totally agree! Sometimes I feel like 'whats the point' because I seem to be just plodding along , i dont want to update everyday because i have a busy life and then I think im inferior to others! xx

  10. I agree with everything you said here hun!
    I write my blog for me because I needed a place to just shout about the things I love and even if 1 person read it it would make me happy, we all have to stop worrying about what we look like and stop feeling inferior to everyone else because of that and because of numbers! I know I am not an outstanding beauty and I weigh more than your average girl but because I am it doesn't mean I cant have a love of clothes, shoes, bags and make up to share with the world, obviously I wont be everyones cup of tea but to the ones that I am I am grateful and appreciate that they take the time to read my blog.
    We all blog for a reason and all have different styles, thats what I love about it - I follow people because of a range of reasons not because they look pretty or because I feel like I should follow them because everyone else does.


  11. AMAZING post Nicoletta!
    I love it!! ♥
    Thank you for doing a post like this, it is very encouraging!

  12. Hello,

    I agree with what you're saying. I suffer with really bad insecurity (not just in my blog) i find that i blog because i find it hard to make friends in real life, so hiding behind the screen and talking about what i like is easier for me to do than just walk into a room and say "Hi, My name is Hannah and i love make up" but i am one of those girls guilty of thinking i'd have more followers if i was prettier, or thinner or richer, but i'll carry on blogging, even if i lose or gain a few followers because i'm happy doing it, and like you said, we all do it for free so we should just have fun with it! :)

    Thanks for a lovely post, and sorry if my comment doesn't make sense, i'm not great at expressing what i mean in a short comment!


  13. Wow i'm surprised at such a fast response, thanks ladies i'm so glad that you all agree.
    I agree with everything on all your comments too and thanks for all being so sweet.
    Sometimes i'm a little unsure if i should write things like this but now i'm glad i did :)

  14. Oh and Theroxyloves. I understood exactly what you meant hun and i am the exactly the same. I dont have a lot of friends and those i do have are at work all day or busy a lot so its a great way to chat to other likeminded people xx

  15. Interesting and timely! I posted last week about only having 19 followers and that I was worried that my blog wasn't really up to much. I did qualify that by saying that I thought it was shallow and needy of me to care, but care I do. What I wasn't after was reassurance that my blog is good just if anyone had any suggestions as to how I could improve things to let me know, basically "keep doing what you are doing and forget the numbers" was the majority response and thats just what I am going to do. So now 19 or 1900 I no longer care!

  16. I totally agree with your thoughts on this! I can't stand people who complain about their lack of followers or popularity. I've blogged for a few years and racked up a few hundred followers, but right from the start I have blogged for myself. Of course it is of some importance to me that my readers enjoy what I post - but at the end of the day it is my blog and I will blog about what I want to blog about.

    Echoing what you said about the reason you choose to follow certain blogs - there isn't one certain recipe or reason. I follow different blogs for different reasons/attractions to the blog! xxx

  17. Blogging is a way of expression, we cant measure our creativity or way of thinking by the number of people following us...but nevertheless it is always wonderful to have people around you to share your thoughts with...

  18. What a lovely post, I totally agree with you and the comments left. I started blogging as I really enjoyed reading all the fab blogs out there & sometimes when you see the huge following on some blogs you do think is mine good enough but as long as I have followers then I'm going to keep on blogging because I love it!

  19. What a brilliant post and everything you said is so completely true! xoxo

  20. Totally agree, people are so hung up on number of followers! I'm really happy with my followers and most leave lovely comments, I'd rather have less followers with people who actually read my blog and comment on it! I've seen so many 'bigger' bloggers with well over a thousand followers but sometimes they don't get many comments at all, are they too interested in numbers rather than content of their blog? hmmmm.... Love your blog, have followed since the early days! x

  21. What a fantastic post, I agree with what you say, I think people worry about popularity and acceptance a lot. Great thought provoking post. x

  22. Completely agree with everything you have said.
    Such a great post.
    Big hugs xx

  23. What a beautiful post. Personally I think wanting to share opinions with others about a shared interest, makes people far more beautiful than having millions of followers. For me, my blog was started as I love beauty products-I would have loved to have been a beauty writer if my life had allowed so for me its a way to pretend! I dont do it for followers, but its lovely when people do comment and follow, as its fun to see what others recommend/like/dont like. :-) Sarah

  24. Love this post, I was onyl just thinking about this yesterday and how there are so many bloggers out there..but i love discovering new blogs and hearing dfferent opinions on products!

    Hope you can take a peek

  25. I think that you have hit the zeitgeist with this Nicoletta. I got rid of my followers tab quite early on, it makes no odds to me if I have no followers or 10000 followers - at the last count I have about 20 odd, but I love getting the comments - if someone takes the time out of their busy day to comment then that makes me do *the little dance* you know, the one you do in the changing room when an outfit looks okay, and the one you do when someone comments on a post - at least I do!

  26. Great post, agree with you.

  27. Thankyou ladies for all your opinions and replies.

    Beautydiarist: You are brave taking down your follower badge. I couldn't do that and by the way yours is one of my favourite blogs to read. Although i dont comment nearly enough. You have such a brilliant writting style xx

    Thanks to all my new followers too. I will be checking you out asap xx

  28. Your posts are always very interesting, a pleasure to read!
    I agree with everything that you said 100%. For me this is a escape, a world apart from my daily "serious" job. But I'm definitely enjoying it a lot. I also feel like there's definitely a space for relatively "older" bloggers with different skincare needs (unfortunately!) than 20 year olds. But actually I keep reading their blogs as well and I realize that some of the content is actually ageless. Love blogging. Don't have a followers bar (don't even know how to insert one on my blog), hardly anyone (apart from you!) comments, but hey! I'm still Liking it!

  29. It is really difficult not to feel disheartened about your blog sometimes but it's given me more confidence, I've 'met' loads of lovely bloggers and I enjoy getting a different perspective on things. I enjoy blogs far more than magazines now because there is no agenda with blogs.

    I think you are gorgeous btw - I'm sure I've told you that before. But it makes me want to up my game too which is good. I would never compare myself to you but I can get inspiration to look just as good xoxo

  30. Aw thank you both of you. I am so flattered that you both like my blog. Just to let you know I am far from gorgeous but thankyou it's a lovely compliment xx

  31. BRAVO! yes indeedio you are so right.
    I am the same very few blogs I come across I dislike.

    If anything those with lots and lots of followers who are clearly endorsed by brands are my least favourite (eeek)

    For me my blog is me time. I see it as a little outlet with like minded people which is just great.

    The only thing I wish is that I could blog more frequently. When i have moved house I vow to do more not becaue i feel I have to or to gain more followers just for me and to pass on info or gossip to some lovely ladies (rant over)


  32. Aw, this is a wonderful post!! :) Just sayin'!

  33. Fabulous post and we agree with everything you have said. We are a small new skin care company and have really enjoyed following many of you and reading your posts. We don't always leave a comment however we will start to more as you are all putting yourselves out there and deserve credit for it. We have been following quite a few of you on twitter and love the fact you all seem so supportive of each other. It is important to remember that many people do read and enjoy your blogs even if they don't follow you.
    Keep up the great work.

  34. Fabulous post and we agree with everything you have said. We are a small new skin care company and have really enjoyed following many of you and reading your posts. We don't always leave a comment however we will start to more as you are all putting yourselves out there and deserve credit for it. We have been following quite a few of you on twitter and love the fact you all seem so supportive of each other. It is important to remember that many people do read and enjoy your blogs even if they don't follow you.Keep up the great work.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx