Tuesday, 7 June 2011

VaVaVoom Volumising Hair Products !

It's so hard to get volume in your hair when it's naturally fine and straight like mine. If i don't use great products then my hair is soooo flat and i can't stand it. Because of this i am constantly searching for the ultimate hair boosting products to make my skinny hair full & fat.

I thought I'd show you 5 of my favourite products that i turn to when all else fails:

5 of the best!

1.Big Sexy Hair Dense £10.50 from Beauty bay

Big Sexy hair products never fail to impress me and this one is no exception. I use this on damp hair and spray throughout.
Tip my head upside down and blow dry. This instantly fattens up my hair and makes it look lovely and full. The great thing is it feels really lightweight too. No stickiness at all with this. Brilliant product that i turn to time and time again.

2. Unite Volumizing Boosta Spray £14.85 from Beautique.com

I didn't think anything could rival my Sexy hair Dense spray but i was asked if id like to review this product so i thought I'd give it a go.
Again its amazing at boosting volume without stickiness. In fact these first 2 products are the only volumizing sprays Ive used that have worked well and not felt urgh in my hair. (Big thumbs up)

The spray smells gorgeous too and leaves my hair lovely and shiny as well.

3. Got2b Powder'ful £4.07 from Boots reviewed here

I couldn't have a top 5 volumizing product without mentioning the Got2b powder. I just sprinkle this on at the roots for Huge hair in an instant. Down side is it feels really sticky and just strange so i only use it if I'm going out and want huge hair and have to wash it out the next day. BUT it works without a doubt and probably makes the biggest difference out of all the products here.

4. Osis+ Glamour Queen £4.99 fragrance direct

I purchased this myself when looking for a good hairspray and i paid £11.00 for it so its a bargain at fragrance direct. I use this for keeping volume in my hair once its created. The formula is dry and its a pump action spray and very lightweight so it keeps the hair lovely and full and shaped however you have styled it.
I also use this to scrunch into my hair if i wash it and leave it dry naturally and it gives lovely definition and volume that way too. I get through a lot of this stuff its such a multi purpose product for fine hair.

5. Unite Tricky Lite £18.90 from Beautique

This product is quite unusual as its a blend of 50% wax and 50% hairspray. I like to use this after my volumizing spray when my hair is dry to give lots of separation and shine and a bit of hold. You only need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way. This again is exceptionally light and makes the hair look lovely and polished and smelling gorgeous.

My pumped up hair :)

I know i will never have Big hair naturally but if i can fake it for a night then I'm happy with that. If i could add a few tips for volumized hair they would be.

1. Don't be afraid of products. I find that the more products i use the bigger my hair gets.

2. Dry hair upside down and then blast with the cool setting on your dryer and mist hair while still upside down with a fast setting hairspray like Glamour queen.

3. Use a lightweight conditioner so hair isn't weighed down and if you need more moisture then use a leave in conditioner and apply just at the ends.

I'd love to know your favourite products for volume or any other tips i could use. xx


  1. Great faves!! Thanks for sharing...your hair looks lovely <3

  2. Your hair is such a gorgeous colour! I'm panicking as it's my sister's wedding on Sat and I haven't a clue what to do with my fine, grown-out hair - p'raps one of these might help! XX

  3. Great post! Now I'm jealous of all of your products! I can't find Got2b Powder'ful here ARGH

  4. I'm always on the hunt for products to give me "big hair" since mine is so fine (sadly). I really like the "Living Proof" Full Thickening cream available at Sephora (here in Canada) BEST PRODUCT EVER! Srsly, it's been life changing for my hair...


  5. I'm always looking for things to make my hair huge! I find that being blonde helps. A little bit of damage is the perfect thing for volume. Even though its a bit damaged, having it professionaly done makes it not gross frizzy damaged. On top of that I use BED HEAD's, QUEEN FOR A DAY, Thickening Spray. SOOOOO delish! I spray this on just because it smells good, and it works to boot!

  6. Thanks for the tips - I always love your hair so I'll be trying them out. x

  7. Thanks for the review! Your hair looks great.


  8. I've actually got fine hair but most people can't tell. I find that having shorter layers chipped into the hair helps. Also, matt pastes applied onto the roots really helps gives you that va-va voom lift. My fave is Toni & Guy's Matt Paste, this stuff is amazing! xo

  9. These all sound like really awesome products, thanks for the review. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. I need to get my hands on this powder stuff and get seasoning my head! I've heard great things about it xx

  11. Nice looking , thanks for sahring this great stuff.


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