Tuesday, 14 June 2011

FAB skincare products!

FAB stands for First Aid Beauty which is a new and exciting brand of skincare products which i have been using lately after being sent for review purposes. Tipped to be the hottest launch in 2011 i was keen to see if these products lived up to the high expectations set.

Ultra Repair Cream & 5 in 1 Face Cream

 The packaging has a cool no nonsense look about it and i like the way the product boosts the advantages and selling points on the front so its easy to see if a product might be suitable for the buyer.
 A big thumbs up is the fact that all the products are free from harsh chemicals and known allergens including parabens, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes.

Its no secret that i love this first product as i wrote about it in my skincare update post here . The 5 in 1 face cream with an added SPF 30 is amazing, it gives my skin a beautiful glow and sinks in without leaving any greasy residue. It leaves my skin smooth, supple and protected.

5 in 1 Face Cream £28

The second product Ive been using is the ultra repair cream £8 for 56.7g or £20 for 170.1g

When this cream landed on my doorstep i was a bit unsure about how i was going to use it as i don't suffer with particularly dry skin anywhere and so i left it on the side for a while and to be honest i kind of forgot it was there.

The cream claims to be perfect for dry, itchy, raw scaly skin due to cosmetic treatments, harsh weather conditions and skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Safe for sensitive skins.

The first time i used it was after i went a bit over the top with my body exfoliating. After i got out the shower i realised my skin looked quite red and felt a bit tender and itchy. So i thought i would give this a go.

What can i say it worked like a dream. As soon as the cream came into contact with my skin the itchiness disappeared, it feels so soothing and it isn't thick and heavy as id imagined but yet it really moisturises. I went to bed after applying it and woke up with silky soft skin. Brilliant :)

Since then i have used it loads. I use it on my 3 year old on any itchiness and dry patches ( he gets slight eczema ) it really soothes his skin like nothing else. I use it on my legs after shaving and it leaves my legs super silky and reduces that shaving rash. I even use it on my feet before bedtime to keep my tootsies soft and looking nice for summer flip flops.

I will be taking a small tub of this on holiday as its so useful not only for me but the whole family. First aid beauty products are available from boots nationwide and well worth a look if you are wanting some FAB new skincare xx


  1. oh wow I have eczema and i hate hate hate it! I know that itching makes it worse but can't stop for the pain! I will definitely be picking this up, the cream my doctors gives me burns slightly and seems to make the skin red. Thanks for showing this!! xx

  2. Hi hun, this is really worth trying, my little un and husband both suffer with eczema its a horrible thing to deal with. Unfortunately a lot of the creams the doctors give are steroid based which thins the skin. Not good really. xx

  3. Woww these products look amazing!! Hope I find something like these in other brands :D

  4. I've tried their ultra repair cream, and I did like it :) I'll have to look into their products more.

  5. ooh these sound great! my son occasionaly gets an outbreak of eczema and I have dry skin so I will definitely be pickking these up next time im in boots! Thanks for the review chick :) xxx


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