Thursday, 16 June 2011

Unveil the Mail!

I thought it might be a nice idea to give you guys a sneaky peak at what's arrived in my post this last week or so. Sometimes i don't get much at all and then other times i get lots of exciting goodies.
Here's what Mr postman has recently delivered:

1st up is a lovely gift from my friend Anabella over at skinscrubs. I have already used the yes to carrots pampering hand scrub (its divine) and my first taste of moulton brown shower goodies. (Thank you again)

2 Gorgeous glittery nail polishes from the new Orly Pin up collection for a blog post coming up soon. I love these :)

More nail polishes. This time OPI again for an up and coming blog post.

These 3 products i received from a swap L'Oaccitane purifying rice toner, Cosmedicene speedy recovery cleanser & Peter Thomas Roth BHA wash. These are only small sizes but perfect for trying out.

Another parcel that i was really excited to get was some products that i brought from Lady Mucks. I love these products and every now and then treat myself to something new. I got a Cherrylicious bubblebar, a black raspberry and vanilla bath bomb and they added in a Clotted cream soap as well.

I suffer with weak soft nails so when i was asked if i would like to review the new Nailtiques protein lacquer i jumped at the chance. I cant wait to try this out alongside the nail treatment which they sent.

Another exciting parcel arrived with 4 brushes from the new range that Crown have released. These look very interesting and im looking forward to trying them out and reviewing.

The final treat that arrived was another swap. This time from a lovely lady in America. I received 2 Hard Candy blushers which look gorgeous, a Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear nail Polish and an NYX concealer which i have wanted to try for ages :)

So that's my lot. Plenty to keep me occupied and out of mischief. My poor postman will have arms of steel if i keep going at this rate lol. xx


  1. 0_o I wish this had all arrived in my post! Those Hard Candy blushers look gorgeous!

  2. I wish my mail looked this exciting, bills just dont have the same effect haha. Could you do a review of the NYX concealer?? xx

  3. Those Orly polishes look gorgeous *_____* and I'm jealous of you and your Hard Candy blushes. I'm a sucker for anything baked.

  4. Oooooh LOVIN the last one!! Exciting to try out American things!!

  5. Same here hun some weeks i get lots of goodies whilst other weeks it's quiet.
    Last week was exciting and it was like christmas!!
    I was also sent some nailtiques to try and started using the Formula 2 on Tuesday :) My nails are in bad condition so I am really wanting them to get better.
    You lucky ducky getting some Crown brushes I have wanted to try their brushes for a while but no luck being sent some. Look forward to your review hun :) xx

  6. I tagged you in my comments to the lipstick tag! :o)

  7. Nailtiques 2 is the best for weak nails! I bought the Hard Candy blushes in the states and didn't like them at all but they look so pretty!! x

  8. Thanks for your replies ladies xx

    Mybutterfly63 i will do a review on the concealer very soon hun xx

    Sherrie, the crown brushes are exciting arn't they, i think a good brush makes so much difference so cant wait to try them :)

    Blusherine, thanks so much you are a star xx

    Mygiltypleasures, thats great to know about the Nailtiques ive got high hopes now. Its a shame you didnt like the hard candy blushers ive heard lots of good things so i will have to see what i think xx

  9. OMG!!..Love all of them..Great hauls you have there hun..Can't wait to see the review from you hun..^_^..

  10. The orly ones look lovely! Always wanted to try them :)

  11. Wow, those Orly polishes are indeed gorge... I must check them out!

    What a lucky girl you are to get all of these goodies :)

  12. Great post of your post! LOL Glad you like the hand scrub xoxo

  13. I'm going to attack your postman one day Nicoletta and run away with the packages! :P


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx