Friday, 25 March 2011

Barganicious Volume with Got2b hair powder !

I have been on the lookout for this since reading the fab review from Stina over at The Chic Beauty blog.
I have a very similar product from sexy hair which costs over £10 so wanted to see how this new product compared as it costs just over £3 in boots :)

Unfortunately everywhere had sold out but eventually i managed to get my hands on the last box on the shelf.
Basically the powder looks like talc which you sprinkle and rub into the roots of your hair for instant volume and lift.
Got2b Powder Volumiser



As you can see it works amazingly well and its so easy to use even for a hair care novice like me.
My hair is so fine and products like this are a life saver when I'm going out and need some oomph added.
I also use it if I'm doing a messy up style as it makes it a lot easier to get the added volume needed. Although i have always loved my Sexy hair play powder i will no longer be forking out for it as this stuff does exactly the same thing at a fraction of the price.
If you see this while out shopping grab it quick as its bound to be sold out as soon as people start to realise how brilliant it is.

On another note just to say this weekend I'm off to Sheffield for the Bloggers meet and I'm so excited to meet everyone else that's going.
I wont know anyone so I'm pretty nervous but i guess a lot of us will be in the same boat. Eeek
Anyway have a great weekend everyone xx


  1. Boom! Wow! Gotta run to Boots now! Thanks for that, my hair is always kinda' 'eew' so I need this in my life! And your hair colour is stunning!

  2. wow it really does work! I'd always be wary of using products like this usually, but this has made me realise i'm jusy a cynic! I def need to get me some of this for festival season! x

  3. Wow! Your hair looks awesome! Haven't heard of this product before...will definitely have to get my hands on some!

    I hope you have fun at the bloggers meet up! I wish I was able to go but it's quite far away for me :(


  4. loving the look of this product!! i have been using the backcomb in a bottle but i dont like the way it makes my hair feel after. this looks fab tho! hope you have a great time at the bloggers meet up =) xx

  5. I need this! What would you say about the smell though?

  6. Thanks for all your replies girls, it doesnt really have a smell to it at all, in fact once applied i dont notice its there. xx

  7. What amazing stuff! I will be investing :) xxxx

  8. I got some of this after seeing it on Chic Beauty Blog. Love it!And what's even better is that it was on offer in Boots so it was only £2.05! Have never tried hair powder before but will definitely be stocking up on this!x

  9. That looks fab, and your hair is lovely by the way!

  10. Wow, it works amazing on you! I also first saw it on her blog and I just discovered yesterday that's it's now available at Wal-Mart for around $5! Can't wait to ge tmy hands on it. I already have a root boosting spray from this brand but I guess a powder would be easier and quicker to use.

  11. wow!! i think im gonna pick up a couple of these

  12. Your hair is gorgeus. I didn't know about this product thanks

  13. I have just bought this product yesterday and yet to test it out. Scared! Will let you know how I get on!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx