Sunday, 12 June 2011

Diorshow Black out Mascara Review

I am not one for spending loads on a mascara, simply because i think there are so many great high street ones out nowadays. But now and then i do splurge a little and my last splurge was on this Dior Mascara.
Diorshow Black Out Mascara RRP £22
or £21 from Escentual. com 

I have to say i have had this mascara for a while now and have meaning to blog about it but kept forgetting (naughty blogger)
The brush is a medium size and looks nothing special. I do find it easy to use though as i find some of the bigger brushes a bit awkward sometimes.

The colour is a beautiful rich jet black which looks lovely and intense.

My lashes curled without mascara

1 Coat of Diorshow Black out mascara

As you can see just 1 coat gives full black lashes. I think it looks like i have eyeliner on my top lash line as the mascara seems to really define at the roots of my lashes. I don't think it adds much length to the lashes but i really like the result never the less.

I have been wearing this mascara and a little liner on the bottom lash line without eyeshadow a lot recently as the mascara seems to really open up my eyes without the need for much else.

  two coats

To be honest i don't usually use two coats as i feel one is enough and it starts to look a bit clumpy with two coats. Although saying that, if I'm going for a night out then i would wear it like this and love the thickness it gives.

This mascara is perfect for anybody with thin lashes that want to pump up the volume. It dries to a slick wet black look with no smudging or any irritation.
Would i buy it again? Yes but not for a while as there are so many mascaras I'm yet to try. xx


  1. Great review and pictures! This looks like a great product to have.


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  2. FABNESS!! So glad that this works for you. I like Dior mascaras but I find them rather dry and so have strayed into YSL and HR territory. I wonder how they compare!

  3. Aww my HG mascara....!!I haven't purchased it recently because I heard that they changed the formula. But it seems just as good as I remember it being, in your photos. :)

  4. woww it looks great!!Nice review <3

  5. Gosh, the "after" photos are amazing! I don't see any big clumping action going on, so that's good ;)


  6. Super amazing! The mascara really gives a dramatic look to the lashes. You tempt me to buy it ;)

  7. It makes your lashes look lovely, very curled! I don't think I'd have a problem with clumping as I usually stick to one coat. :)

  8. I love dior blackout, really gives volume to my lashes! x

  9. Great review it makes your eye lashes look so lovely and long! I personally wouldn't spend that much on a mascara, but it does look like it delivers great results.

  10. I love the result, especially after the second coat!!! I should probably give it a try myself soon!!! :)



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