Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stila SPF 30 Tinted moisturiser review !

Hello girlies, i am writing this post as a request from one of my lovely followers. I purchases the Stila oil free tinted moisturiser a few months ago at TK max and to be honest i haven't really used it that much.
So i dug it out this morning to try it out again.

Shade Medium 01 is the colour which i have and its a pretty good match to my NC 20/25 colouring.

The swatch here looks pretty yellow but it is quite neutral in real life

Blended swatch

The texture is quite thick for a tinted moisturiser but it blends really easily into the skin and leaves a nice glow. The coverage is really sheer as i would expect from a tinted moisturiser.
I need to use an under eye concealer and if i had any obvious blemishes then they would need covering with a separate concealer too.
Luckily for me I'm having a good skin day today.

Natural looking makeup

I applied the tinted moisturiser with a flat top brush just because i find it easier and i only used a small amount.
I think you could build this up for a bit more coverage if you wanted but for me the point of a tinted moisturiser is that natural look so i prefer to keep it looking sheer without powder etc.

If you click on the photo to enlarge you can see my freckles are quite obvious still.

The product actually lasts pretty well on my skin and it doesn't feel oily or greasy even on my unpredictable skin. I can see me wearing this a lot in the summer months as the added SPF 30 makes it an ideal choice when the weather gets warmer.
Have you tried this tinted moisturiser and if so what do you think of it?


  1. testing a product for a day isnt really enough is it? you know, skin conditions change so you should at least test something like foundation & tinted moisturizer across a couple of days to see if its just a one-off that the product performs the way it does or not... x

  2. Hi hun, its not the first time ive worn it i have worn it when i first got it but only for about 3 days as my skin was a bit up and down and to be honest i think tinted moisturisers are better suited to girls with pretty good skin.
    When im having an outbreak there is no way a product like this would have enough coverage for me to feel confident.

    I agree 1 day is not long enough to test a product out but it still gives you a pretty good idea in terms of coverage etc xx

  3. I love how nice and fresh it looks - whatever you have on your lips is very pretty too! SPF of 30 is good too, the Clinique one that I am loving at the mo is only spf 15 & ideally I would like it to have a higher spf. Great post as usual x

  4. Hi Nicoletta, thank you soo much for doing this post!
    I really need something with a high SPF for the summer, and I found this product on Ebay for 12$-t, but there were no reviews online...
    Your review really helped me, and the photos convinced me, it looks great on you!
    I guess I'll settle with this shade! :)

    If someone wants to order it, this seller sells it for 12 bucks (including shipping to Europe)


  5. I just saw 30% Stila on a Canadian website. Maybe this would be worth checking out ;-) Thanks!

  6. I have this and the illuminating one from Stila as they were a really good deal from eBay. I think it's ok not like wow amazing though just average. I agree with the minimum coverage part one thing that bugs me about it is the smell!! I don't know why but it's weird and can smell it all through out the day when I'm wearing it lol!!

  7. Looks great and SPF 30 is a great advantage!! nice review Nicoletta :D

  8. It looks lovely on you! Natural makeup suits you well

  9. gorgeous finish, look lovely and cheer :)

  10. I always wondered how a tinted moisturizer compares to a light foundation? Some of the clinique foundations are pretty lightweight for example, is a tinted moisturizer worth it?

  11. Thanks so much everyone and so glad it was helpful Dori xx

  12. I love this tinted moisturiser - I wear it every day and I think the coverage is fine - but I can't stand heavy foundadtion. I have a MAC foundation and it just makes me look dead! I think a tinted moisturiser is lovely and youthful - perfect for summer but I will be seeking out a bit more coverage for winter.



Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx