Monday, 6 June 2011

Latest shopping spree !

Hi there girlies, i thought id show you what I've been spending my pennies on these last couple of weeks.
I've been trying to cut back and so been searching out the bargains or buying things i need rather than want. Hmmm easier said than done but anyways here we go:

Short vest top International £6.99

Leather bracelet £2.99

Coconut Body Oil Savers £2 ish

Garnier Bodytonic SugarScrub Superdrug £3.57 (special offer)

 Royal glitter polish £2 (local market)

QVS loafer Superdrug £3.99

GOSH self tanning buffing mitt Superdrug £4.09

Avon Sassy Swirls perfume vanilla Berry £2.50

Girls aloud lashes Savers 99p

I'm looking forward to using my loofah and new body scrub to try and get my skin nice and smooth ready for my holiday in 6 weeks time.
I love a little spending spree to pick me up even if it is only cheap and cheerful xx


  1. Love the bracelet! You make me want to go shopping, haha :)

  2. Great finds love! You always get the greatest stuff!

  3. You done well on your shopping spree you didn't seem to spend too much either... They're my favourite type of sprees!! love the stripey top. I have far too many stripes in my wardrobe! xx

  4. ooo I do love a good loofa :p

  5. The bracelet & the lashes look adorable!!! thanks for sharing <3

  6. ooh, let us know how that scrub is working. i have a thing for body scrubs! :)

  7. I love the top and the bracelet! x

  8. That Garnier Sugar Scrub is pretty good by my standards! LOL

  9. Lovely purchases, love the striped top! x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx