Saturday, 11 June 2011

Some like it french !

French tip nails were always a favourite of mine in the past but as the choice of gorgeous polishes has widened i find its rare that i can be bothered to sit down and take the time to apply a french. After all its not the easiest of manicures to do and the drying time is far too long when you are a busy mum.

So when i was doing my food shop in Asda i spotted this little kit and thought i would give it a whirl as the idea looks really good.

The kit costs £4.99 and comes in both white ( which i purchased ) and pearl white. There is also a little bottle of clear polish UV coat. On the front of the packet it states mistake proof so of course i was sold.

Unfortunately i found the tip of the pen really uneven and so it was actually harder for me to apply this than my usual polish. Grrr

The product does have really good points. The white is a real bright white and you only need one coat of the white and 1 coat of the clear so it dries ultra fast too. Its such a shame that the applicator was not shaped right.
I'm going to try again as perhaps with practise i can get use to the applicator. Or i could just use nail guides but i think that kind of defeats the object.

Results from 1st attempt

The white pen would be great for touching up a french that had chipped for a quick fix and the polish itself lasted about 3 days which is good for a french on my nails.
Its such a shame that the sponge applicator is rubbish because apart from that its a brilliant product. What do you recommend for french nails?  xx


  1. I love french nails! I used to always do them when I was younger! That pen looks good though, I don't think your mani looks all that bad :) great find! X

  2. nice post friend :)
    happy weekend :)
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  3. They dont look to bad for a first go! might have to pick one up next time i'm in there x

  4. I bought a white mani pen from sally which I quite like but I really strugggle to do my left hand, as I'm left handed, I think I really need to practice. Yours looks good tho! Xx

  5. This looks like a really great idea, shame about the applictor though. I might have to give it a go since I can't physically do a french mani without the sticker guide thingies, I'm useless haha!
    - beth x

  6. Great idea for a product - just a shame that the applicator isn't great. I think your manicure looks nice x

  7. French tips look lovely on you! The applicator sounds crap though!

  8. I love frensh manis....shame that the applicator isn't fixed's always easier to apply french with a pen rather than a white polish! Do practise dear maybe your gonna find the right way!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx