Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nailtiques Protein Products!

Morning my gorgeous girlie's, i wanted to do a little post about the New Nailtiques Nail colour with protein ( this mornings tongue twister )
For somebody like me who has soft week nails a formula that promises to strengthen nails with a protein boost is exciting news.

Nailtiques formula 2 & Nailtiques Protein Polish in Shanghai

"Products provided for Reviewing purposes"

I don't know if you are familiar with Nailtiques products but they are a professional range used in many top salons and spas and having used them in the past as a former Nail Tech i can vouch for the amazing quality.

Nailtiques Formula 2 RRP £11.65

The Formula 2 is a nail protein that has a great reputation for helping ladies with Soft, Weak, Peeling nails. Great for girls who have worn nail extensions for a long time and have damaged nails that need repair.
I have actually been using it as a base coat and find it really helps give my nails a bit of added strength.

The polish itself seemed pretty similar to any other polish Ive used. The theory behind the product is that the colours work in conjunction with the protein treatments allowing them to penetrate through the colour for maximum effectiveness.
Available in 16 classic colour RRP £10.95 available from

What did i think?

I used the Formula 2 as a base coat and a top coat and 2 coats of colour.
I have to say i am really impressed. I did notice a definite strengthening of my nails. They felt far less bendy and the colour was lovely. I'd be interested to see if there was much difference over a period of time using the products.

The best part for me was the fact that the polish really lasted as well. 5 days which is unbelievably good for me.

The colours are lovely but i think if Nailtiques added a few trend colours then they would be on to a winning combination.
Perfect for those ladies who are trying to grow there nails.
I would highly recommend these products and will be looking to buy some other shades for myself. xx


  1. i'd like to see more trend colours too, currently i use it by itself or as a base. oh and if you want to see the difference over a period of time i have reviewed and taken pictures here

    (not pushing my blog link on you, just in case you were interested in seeing how long and strong they grow ;) x

  2. I will definitely remember this... when I last had gel nails on my natural nails were a real state afterwards! xx

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  3. Thanks girls. Ive taken a look emma it looks great xx

  4. 5 days is fantastic! Polish never lasts a day or two on me :)

  5. So funny hun I just posted my thoughts on the Formula 2 aswell, spooky :) I have noticed a little difference but nothing super as of yet but I am going to give it another 3 weeks so I hope they help my nails as mine are in bad condition :( xx

  6. This is my kinda shocking shade! Thanks for the great review x


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