Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bronze & Glo With He-shi & Jemma Kidd

Hi there my gorgeous girlie's, i am really excited about this post as i have found two amazing products that i can't wait to rave about.
I thought i would review them together as i wore them together yesterday and loved the results.

Let me warn you though the He-shi Dark tanning Mousse is not really for the fair skinned natural beauty but for those of us who dream of a deep dark tan then look no further:

The He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse was sent to me for reviewing purposes and whilst i really liked the colour of the lotion this is 100 times better for me personally.
I used the He-shi tanning mitt to apply and to be honest i just slapped it on quite heavy handedly making sure I'd covered everywhere which was easy as it contains an instant colour guide so you can see where you are applying.

The mousse is incredibly easy to apply and dries really fast too. I even used what was left on my tanning mitt to tan my face something i rarely do with a body tan.

I did exfoliate in the shower first before applying this and i left it a good 8 hrs before showering off. Oh i might add there is a slight tanning smell after a few hrs of wearing this but its not as bad as most :)

The Results : Eeek bloody hell I'm brown first came to mind but as i examined my tan ( like you do ) i noticed how even it looked with no streaks or patches at all.

Me wearing He-Shi Dark Mousse

As for wearing the tan on my face it came out a gorgeous colour and i had matchy face & body for a change.
If you want a great deep dark tan that's easy to apply then this is the one. It says you can apply another layer to make it darker but i think this is as dark as i can go without looking too OTT.
You can buy this from the He-shi website here priced at £27 yes a bit pricey but worth every penny.

My second product i want to tell you about is the Contour & Flush Duo by Jemma Kidd. I purchased this a while back from feel unique at £18  

 Contour & Flush

The website states:
-Lightweight, blendable crème blush duo with added mica for luminosity and radiance.
- Bronze tone to contour and add a sun-kissed glow.
- Pink tone to add a bright flush to cheeks.


This was a bit of an impulse buy, i just thought it looked pretty and might be nice for the summer. I tried it a few times and because the texture is so light and creamy i didn't find it showed up very well but yesterday i tried it with a different brush ( what a difference a brush can make )
I used it with my ELF flat top brush and i just love how it looks.

The contour is very subtle on my tanned skin but would work beautifully on a more fair/medium skin. It gives a lovely dewy glow on the cheeks even my 3 year old noticed lol

I can see these two products becoming my staples throughout the warmer months or when i want to look a bit more glam.
Do you like a deep tan or do you like the natural look ??
I've not tried many Jemma Kidd products but this has to be my favourite from the range so far. xx


  1. You look lovely! Am a tanning liquid hater after having sheets, towels & carpets trashed by daughter but if I wasn't would try this! xx

  2. Tantastic & you don't need a diet! X

  3. Woww you look gorgeous honey <3 Love the shades <3

  4. Thanks ladies,
    ihavemostlybeen thats why i try and put it on in the day and wash off before bed ;)

    Redvixen100 thanks lovely, i m not trying to lose a lot but thanks for the compliment xx

    Raskshanda thankyou again as always you are so sweet. It means a lot coming from you xx

  5. Ohhhh I'm so loving both of these! I adore a really dark tan in the summer when I already have a bit of colour and have been reading about the He Shi mousse.

    The Jemma Kidd also looks gorgeous & omg how stunning do you look? Your skin is amazing!


  6. The one tanning lotion I always go to is from ROC. It always ends up giving me the perfect color when I'm feeling kind of pasty white! You look lovely! And I don't think you'd need another coat. You'd come out looking like and oompa loompa (or at least I think)! Great review hun!

  7. Wow you look so lovely and bronze!

  8. those shades look great on you! you look so radiant and glowy! :D

  9. I love your tanned skin and beautiful hair ;-)


  10. Wow! You look like you've been on your hols already! Lovely colour hun and that Jemma Kidd stuff looks nice xx

  11. You look like you just came home from vacation! I'm on vacation right now in Cyprus but haven't got much of a tan yet, you look browner than me for He-shi's sake. :P

  12. Your tan looks great and the blush duo is really pretty too xx

  13. bronzed, blushed and highlighted to perfection. come and do my makeup xx

  14. Aww thanks ladies :)

    liloo i'd love to come and do your mk up lol if only we were nearer xx

  15. you look amazing with the tan you look like the sun kissed you lol :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx