Monday, 5 September 2011

LIVE Colour XXL Radiant Red L38

I've been nattering on and on for a few weeks on twitter at the prospect of home colouring and trying to keep a similar colour to what i have done by my hairdresser.
I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go.

I decided to use the Live Colour as I'd heard they were one of the best ones and choose this colour as i wanted it to be nice and bright.

LIVE Colour Radiant Red L38 Available from Boots £4.89 or 2 for £7.50 on offer at the moment
I've never had a problem with applying colours but i was really worried that the roots and ends would come out completely different as i have lots of colour on my hair and obviously none on the roots.
I'm not going to do a full post on how i applied it as its just the same as any other colour.
Mix, Apply, Wait.
I did cover it with a carrier bag which i always think helps and i left it on just over the recommended 30 Min's.


The good news is it the colour really took well to my hair and it was a really even colour from root to tip which is a huge relief. The colour has left my hair really shiny and feeling soft so all in all a great product.

The bad news is the colour came out a bit too dark for my personal preference. I can see a bit of Burgundy going on which I'm not keen on but its my own fault for not being braver and going for a brighter red shade.

The Results!

So next time I'm going to be braver and try out the infra red L42 and hopefully that will brighten it up a little.

Infra Red L42

The Live Luminance range have been specially formulated to work on dark hair which is meant to lighten and colour in the 1 step. I have read a few reviews from other people who have coloured dark hair and unfortunately it has had very mixed reports so if you have coloured dark hair i would make sure you do a strand test first. ( Mine was prelightened by my hairdresser ages ago to strip the colour out )

I'm off to boots to make the most of the special offer as £7.50 for 2 colours is a great deal.
Are you a home maintenance girl or do you prefer the salon experience?


  1. looks fantastic! ALWAYS remember tho that red is really difficult to get out if you decide to not like it anymore.

    love your bravery xx

  2. oh wow, this is such a fantastic colour xx

  3. Great post. As you know I had mine coloured red a couple of weeks ago, but I am planning on keeping it up at home. I was planning getting these colours when I saw them on offer. Will have to stock up! xx

  4. I love that colour on you, looks fantastic! Definitely very brave of you.
    I'm totally a home maintenance girl too, I get bored sitting at salons for hours not to mention the money spent.


  5. I love love love red hair and this really suits you, even if it is a bit darker than usual. I really like the lighter one too, and how much brighter the red is :) can't wait tosee the finished look! xx

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  6. Ooohhhh! That is HOT!!! I like being a redhead.

  7. It looks amazing on you!
    Love the XXL colours!


  8. I absolutely LOVE the luminance range, it worked really well on my super dark hair, but then all of a sudden my boots stopped stocking it! Might have to go back and see if they've decided to carry the range again! Xxx

  9. oooooooh! it's very pretty. i want to go red so badly i am chopping at the bit to have it done! i'm chicken though, want to get it done at a salon

    Vonnie of

  10. I've used both of these and even though I loved the colours to begin with they both fade really badly. I know reds have that rep but it was within 2 washes. They obviously don't grab well onto every hair type *sulks*

  11. Thanks for all your comments girls xx

    Demonicsmurfette thats interesting i guess i will have to wait and see then, i hope it doesnt wash straight out :( xx

    socialitedreams go for it i think it would look fab on you and if you dont like it you can always change it xx

  12. Red never looks like it does on the box unless you are natural light blonde or bleach your hair. Looks nice though :) x

  13. What colour was your hair origionally?? Because the colour your hair ended up is exactly how i want mine, i have dark brown hair, do you think it would work?? - B x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx