Thursday, 9 September 2010

Why i love everyday minerals

Hi there ladies, this is a very quick post as i have had some kind of sickness bug the last 24 hrs so am feeling and looking shocking. I haven't been applying my fake tan to my face and i have an outbreak of spots on my face. It's times like this when i turn to my everyday minerals products as they never aggravate my skin and they tend to make look a lot healthier.
Be prepared i look bad :(

So as you can see i didn't really want to walk about looking like this but i also don't want to sit doing my makeup for long.
I applied a mix of light olive and olive medium with a kabuki brush. The colour is darker than my skin but my neck matches it as my face is so pale hence why i always use fake tan on my face.
Then i applied a little pearl pick me up under my eyes as they looked really dark and puffy. Then i applied a little snuggle blush.
Eyeliner to the top of my lids with a little mascara and my new MAC lipstick in Bombshell.

You can see how great it covers my blemishes and blotchiness.

My skin looks 100 times better and i didn't even need to use concealer. Thank Goodness for Cosmetics xxx


  1. Nice result:)
    I used to use wear mineral foundation and got amaizing coverage. Over time it made me itch so badly though (couple of months) so I stopped.
    Hope you are better x

  2. This foundation is incredible! lol Never knew loose powder could make such a difference

  3. wow i never tried minerals before ,, i always was ,, how could powder cover skin flaws =S

    amazing <3

  4. I use a lot of everyday minerals as well! I have a section just for it! It gives me amazing results! :) Perhaps ill do a post as well :)

  5. Sorry to hear you havent been well hun :( hope your better soon.
    It looks lovely on you, do you buy this online or is it available in UK? x

  6. thankyou hun, i buy it online but postage is pretty fast and the customer service is excellent. heres a link

  7. don't look bad at all. But I love the results from the everyday minerals. Haven't tried them yet. Have tried BareMinerals. Will have to give these a go.

  8. Waouuuuuuuuu love the result :)
    It seems to be really good :)

  9. Looks really good! I'm trying out some bare minerals foundation which is the only mineral foundation i've tried, lol.


  10. great review! Thanks I'll be needing that.

  11. Yeah it covers great! I'm just often too late or lazy to use foundation etc. =)

  12. thank you for your comment :)

  13. I agree this brand is awesome! I need to order some more. Love the coverage it gives.

  14. Thanks for all your comments girlys. I have to say that i was surprised at the coverage as well.
    Also i'm feeling a lot better today so fingers crossed xx

  15. Wow awesome results!! :) I hope you'll feel better soon girl ! :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx