Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bare & Beautiful products have arrived

In my mission to try out as many gorgeous products as possible i came across a website that had me drooling within minutes of flicking through the pages. Bare & beautiful have such an amazing choice of bath & body products that it is really hard to choose what to purchase.
So i made a little order and was like a child waiting for xmas till it arrived. Here is what i purchased

All the products come individually wrapped and then wrapped in tissue paper. I was quite surprised as i imagined the products would smell really strongly as i opened the box but because they are all sealed there is no smell.

I'm assuming this helps to keep them nice and fresh because as soon as you open them up the gorgeous smell comes wafting out. I like the fact it keeps each smell seperate as sometimes if something smells quite strong i find it can over power another product so this way they stay nice and individual.

 Pure cocoa butter bath melts in lemon cake fragrance.

 Pineapple & coconut solid shampoo

Raspberry & vanilla bath bombs

 Sugar soap scrub cubes in palma violet fragrance

Bath bomb in Dreamy creamy coconut & apricot.

I have already had a play with some of these as they were too irrisistable to leave on my shelf.
Here are my first impressions:

Sugar soap cubes in parma violet. Fantastic. Smells just like the sweeties, i use to eat as a child. The scrub cubes themselves are a great texture, it does not instantly fall apart on contact with water so you can have a really good scrub all over with just one cube out of the pack. The granules are really exfoliating but i like to know I've exfoliated so it's perfect for me. I will buy this again no doubt.

Pineapple & coconut solid shampoo. My first impression of this was a little strange, i was really expecting it to smell quite strongly of either coconut or pineapple but it was a very mild and natural fragrance which surprised me a little.
I pulled a little chunk of bar off to use this as i didn't want to use the whole bar and i found it really easy to use. It lathered up really well but it felt quite strange and i can't quite put my finger on it. I made my hair feel a little bit tacky as i was rinsing it for some reason and i don't know if it's because of the natural oils in the product but it felt strange.
As soon as i applied my conditioner though my hair felt normal again.
When my hair was dry it looked really shiny and healthy and there was no oily residue or anything. I think this will be one of those products that i will grow to love, it just takes some getting use to.

Finally my favourite so far, the cocoa butter bath melts in lemon cake.
First of all the fragrance of these is to die for. I opened the packet to have a little sniff with all intentions to leave on the side but i couldn't put it down lol.
So i figured if its cocoa butter i can use it like a body butter bar and i slathered it all over my body. The little heart shapes are adorable and fit nicely into your hand. They melt on contact with the heat from your skin and this little gem left me smelling beautiful and feeling gorgeously moisturised.

I woke up the next morning after using these three products and my skin felt amazingly soft.
I am so pleased i decided to give these a try & can't wait to try out the other bits i got in my package xx


  1. Ooooh they all sound fab! I'm a sucker for handmade bath goodies! x

  2. ooo bet yoour skin was as smooth as the same as you i love trying out new handemade bath goodies xx

  3. Ohh looks lush, must try them out soon.
    I have tagged you for an award over on my blog :)

  4. WOW!! these all look fab and wish I could smell them through my laptop :)
    I awarded you A lovely follower award hun, check out my blog when you have sec :)


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