Friday, 24 September 2010

CND Bold collection

I just adore CND polishes so i was super excited to get this new collection. If you haven't heard of CND before then i would seriously try and get hold of one of these polishes as they give all the other brands a run for there money when it comes to formula, lasting power and serious shine.
So take a look at this vampy colour in Dark ruby:
This is 2 quick coats no top coat. This will be my favourite colour this winter I'm guessing.

This is the same polish on my thumb with one of the special effects glazes over the top.
Crimson sparkle.

As you can see the effects look pretty similar and nothing special in the bottles but when applied on top of the polish it totally transforms the look.

Raspberry Parfait A shocking fuscia colour that would be fab on toes.

Fireberry, A classic red which never dates.

The kit contains the three colours and three different special effects including Lavender pearl, copper shimmer and crimson sparkle.
Because of the 3 different effects you can mix and match to get so many different finishes out of one colour and of course you can apply them over your own polishes too.
I will be using these a lot as the quality is amazing and my polish stays on at least 3 days even without a top coat.
CND are available from professional nail salons.
PS sorry about the poor application but i was so excited to show you that i had to rush as i didn't really have time.
I would love to know if you ladies have tried these or any other shades from CND ???


  1. I never heard of them before... i'd love to try them someday! They look gorgeous!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. wow cool! Im obsessed with using a matte top coat at the moment! x

  3. Wow lush colours hun! Never tried this brand before but will make a note of them :) x

  4. I NEED to try this brand. These look amazing.
    E x

  5. great product looks amazing love the pink !!!

  6. I would to have some of the CND's effects...

  7. ooo love all the colors especially the bright pink shock there!!!lol xxx

  8. wow, you got the whole collection =D!!

    I'vent tried CND before but it has quite good reputations. The shimmer, sparkles one seems cool =D!

  9. Gave you a shoutout from my blog...cos love your blog xx

  10. wow these look amazing <3
    love the hot pink one =)

  11. I boought a bottle of effects but never used it -- ought to give it a try really !

  12. Have never tried these before, but am loving the sound of the special effects!!


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