Thursday, 16 September 2010

Artdeco's Pure Mineral Collection

Hello my lovely bloggers, i am really excited about this latest launch as Artdeco have such great products in general and with my love of mineral products i was really excited to hear about this collaboration.

Discover ARTDECO’s new Pure Mineral collection for Autumn 2010. This ready to wear collection features hues of Lavender, Aquamarine, Pink Amethyst and Peridot Green straight off the catwalk.  The collection includes a high quality multi-mineral complex of zinc and magnesium that is combined with other pure minerals to rejuvenate the skin and provide long lasting colour without blocking the pores. 

Here are the products i was sent:
Mineral Baked eyeshadow no36  RRP £13.70

Mineral Baked eyeshadow no53  RRP £13.70

Mineral Baked eyeshadow no82   RRP £13.50

Mineral lipstick no 68 Deep Rose  RRP £18.70


This lipstick feels amazing on the lips it's buttery smooth with a delicate vanilla fragrance. Beautiful.

Shade 36

Shade 82 added to the crease line. The shadows have a beautiful shimmer to them all.

This collection has some stunning shades to offer including a gorgeous deep turquoise green shadow and a mineral foundation which i would love to try. 
You can see the collection over at the artdeco website


  1. Oooh, love that greenish gold shadow and your look! :)

  2. Loving the look :) Shade 82 looks stunning !!
    - beth x

  3. These colors are just lovely!

  4. Stunning eyeshadow shades.

  5. The purple shadow looks good against your brown eyes.

  6. Love this. I love purple and this is a really good look. :)

  7. You have such amazing skin :P I love the makeup haul xxxxx

  8. Beautiful look!! The lipstick is amazing! :)


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