Friday, 3 September 2010

Please mr postman !!!!!

Don't you just love it when you are waiting for things to arrive in the post. Especially when you have no idea when things will arrive.
I am waiting for a little urban decay shadow palette
I ordered this from debenhams for just £7 i don't have any urban decay eye shadows yet so could not resist this.
It contains
Oil Slick ,
Stray Dog,
Midnight Cowboy and  Flipside so thats £1.75 per shadow great hey?

Then yesterday i managed to order the NAKED PALETTE. Need i say more ?

Then i have some bath & body products coming from Bare & Beautiful including some sugar scrub cubes and some pure cocoa butter heart melts in the fragrance lemon cake mmm

Then i ordered some lovely fragranced tarts to burn in oil burners around the house from Annies candles and melts  I order a few different scents including clean cotton and i think i ordered the Ma Bar lush dupe but cant remember for sure. Look how pretty these little tarts are:

You can also get little cupcakes, gingerbread men all sorts of beautiful hand made tarts and the fragrances are just stunning. It's a very addictive habit as there are so many gorgeous sounding fragrances that i want to try them all out. Also if you ask nicely you get some lovely samples added too.

So when my postman knocks i will be like a rocket this week. Oh and i nearly forgot i also won a bid on ebay for a pretty coral dress. So who knows what will arrive first. xx


  1. Ooooh I bet ya can't wait for the postie :-)
    I love the Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow, lovely & glittery and I also love wax tarts. I make them myself which is fun!
    Enjoy your Urban Decay eyeshadows, they're fab! xx

  2. Where did you order the first palette from?


  3. i love how UD is such great value :) in MAC's current collection they have a palette, 4 colours for £30. Say no more! x

  4. The palette is from debenhams online x

  5. i know how you feel! the postman just came to the door and said 'so its you who is making me work so hard!' and handed me 5 ebay packages :P xx

  6. I know how you feel! I'm waiting for a load of stuff but it seems to take ages to arrive :( xx

  7. Love the naked palette so much. xx

  8. love the Naked pallet new follow hope you can follow too !!!

  9. We get so many packages, we had to buy a parcel safe - it was a great investment once we'd trained the postie on how to use it! No more early morning trips to the sorting office! Hope your parcels arrive soon! x

  10. Fun Stuff, I'm waiting for a makeup package right now. Think tomorrow will be the day! I'm gonna check out Annie's since I love burning scented oil in the house.

  11. I want to get my hands on the NAKED pallet so much! i just love the colors!
    Btw i wan t to thank you for leaving me such a nice comment and following my blog! You put a smile on my face! :)

    Take care hun!

    Smiles and hugs


  12. From now on you will find it hard not to become a total urban decay junkie, trust me!!

    Love J.

  13. I think all us beauty bloggers must drive the postman nuts ha.
    Jemma it always seems to take forever for things to arrive when you want them desperately. The bills always arrive bang on time though.
    Welcome to my new follower xx
    Bon Vivant Clique dont tell me that i have enough makeup obsessions without adding another one to the list. ;)

  14. i need to get my hands on the naked palette!

    i finally got a PO box, I think the PO man likes me better now. lol.

  15. Where did you find the Naked Palette? :O The little one looks so pretty, especially Flipside! You got yourself a great bargain! ;)


  16. Gorgeous items those little cakes are sooo cute xx

  17. The naked palette was online at house of fraiser but out of stock again now :(

  18. So happy that you got to purchase the Naked palette, it's so beautiful. I hope I get to grab one in the near future. I'm sure you'll be working the hell out of it!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx