Saturday, 25 September 2010

Midnight cowboy !

Hi there my fellow bloggers as some of you know i purchased this little palette a few weeks ago so decided to have a little play.

The colour i was most interested in was the famous Midnight cowboy.
I have heard so many mixed reports that i decided to see what the fuss was all about and try it out for myself.

So midnight cowboy went on the lid and stray dog in the crease with oil slick as a liner.
The midnight cowboy is so so glittery but you can buff it out a little so its not so full on. The camera just does not do any of these colours justice but it is VERY glittery. If you don't like glitter then this is a pointless shadow for you but for me i really like it.
Yes it's not a colour i would wear everyday but it does catch the light beautifully and would make a stunning highlighter if you are after a full on glammed up look.
I'm glad i purchased this palette and next time will be trying out the flipside which looks really cool.
As you can see from a distance it actually looks really natural when blended out.  xx


  1. Ooo lovely look, i love mignight cowboy but tend to ignore it because of all the glitter, i might try it tommorow and get it a good buff :) x

  2. I looovee me some glitter! you look amazing the last pic is adorable! xx

  3. This looks gorgeous on you - anytime I use it I end up with a facefull of glitter it falls all over the place. I may need to use a better eye primer and blend it well!

  4. I do not like midnight cowboy. I have it in a palette and actually I bought this online (big mistake) so I sold it in a blog sale. The color is gorgeous, but no matter what primer I have used, I can see specks of glitter on my face.

  5. I love midnight cowboy.. although sometimes i get scared of all that glitter but it's still a fun color. CUTE pic with ur bebe.


  6. The colors looks super good on you! You should totally wear them out!

  7. very pretty look! i love the combination sexy lips and neutral eyes! :)

    Smiles and kisses


  8. I've never tried anything from UD, but I like your eye makeup! :) Your son is so cute hehe! :)

  9. This is such a pretty, natural look on you.

  10. Wow!!..I love this look..I will use this look for my graduation day..^_^..Nice and simple..

  11. I gave you a blog award :D

  12. You look gorge as always:)

    I have had midnight cowboy for years and years, but just don't ever find a time where I feel I can wear that much glitter..
    It is an amazing eyeshadow though, I agree :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx