Sunday, 26 September 2010

£1 shop deal of the day and va va voom!

I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this gosh foundation mousse in the £1 shop. It looked a little dark but as i knew i was having a spray tan before i went away i decided to buy it anyway.

I am so pleased i did. The formula feels so light on your skin, it almost drys to a powder finish and it photographs really well. It matched my skin perfectly once i'd been sienna x sprayed. It's got to be the best £1 I've spent lol. Keep your eyes peeled for this in your local shops.

I also spotted sally Hanson non acetone polish remover. kwik off.

If you haven't tried this before you will be amazed. Inside is a sponge soaked in remover. You just pop a finger inside the tub twist it and the polish is instantly removed. It saves so much time. I had run out so was so pleased to spot this for £1.

I just thought I'd show you a close up of my makeup with yet again the naked palette, i love the way you don't need mascara with the eyelash extensions.

I thought I'd try these rollers out which i purchased the other day from boots.

I only added a few to the top section of my hair and added a little hairspray. Heated with the hair dryer and left them in for 15 mins.

It has added a little va va voom but not as much as i wanted. I think i need to apply some more product and leave them in for longer next time.
Hope you are all great and let me know what you think of the gosh foundation bargain xx


  1. That is really cheap for the Gosh foundation mousse

  2. aww youur make up looks gorgeous!! You are making me want that naked palette ;)


  3. Wow thanks so much for posting.This is the second item i will be purchasing because of you lol. £1 shop trip tomorrow for meeeeeeee xxx

  4. wow, awesome, what a bargain,i love your makeup, you're so pretty! xx

  5. I think heating the hairspray might have made it not work, it bakes it into your hair and weighs it down. Use the hairspray after you've taken the rollers out to give it a bit of a boost!

  6. Your hair looks beautiful even if it's not the effect you wanted! Did you put the rollers in damp hair? It's usually best to do that and let they dry naturally (can take hoooours though!) I'll be popping into my £1 shop soon to see what I can find :)

  7. Wow, i love the pound shop, so many bargains! And your hair looks lovely, i got some rollers the other day, but they always get stuck in my hair haha! :) xx

  8. Wow, bargains..

    I love your hair like that, but I think if you want more volume, try a volume spray or mousse.. I have just reviewed one on my blog, Daniel galvin Jnr - crowning glory volume mousse, it's amazing- gives lots of all day lasting volume..

    LOVE the makeup xxx

  9. Someone got tagged ;))


  10. LOVE the lil buys you showed us :D awesome

    xoxo stay fabulous

  11. Wow you got yourself a great bargain with gosh! I'm gonna look for that Sally Hansen thing on ebay, it sounds so cool ! :) I love your makeup and your hair! :) lol on the rollers pic! :)

  12. ur face look amazing and flawless with that foundation
    i love great deal =D
    love ur makeup hun ,, and ur gorgeous long hair <3


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