Monday, 13 September 2010

L'OCCITANE almond & apple cleansing oil review

Good morning ladies, as some of you know i purchased this a while back and have been using it long enough now to make a review on it as requested.
I had my eye on this cleansing oil for ages before i purchased it. The reason it took me so long was because having spot prone skin i was worried that the oil might not work with my skin and block my pores. Even though i know that oil should not cause spots i am always wary. Also its not the cheapest cleanser in the world and so i would hate to buy it and after a week or so not use it. Sorry for the long intro.

Did it work? Yes this is a fantastic cleanser the oil is really light and it smells beautiful. A very light fragrance slightly fruity and fresh but very mild. It removed my eye make up completely even waterproof mascara. I massage the oil into my skin then remove with very warm wet muslin cloths. I am really careful to thoroughly remove it as i didn't want to leave any residue on my skin.

Effects? Immediately after use my skin is soft, i mean really soft and silky feeling. There is no dryness or tight feeling to my skin and it also feels really clean. I love this cleanser. My spots unfortunately didn't seem to improve but i only use this at night not twice a day so that might have something to do with it. It did not make my spots worse though. I have to say it's one of the nicest cleansers I've ever used and it feels really luxurious.

Packaging & Price? I love the packaging it looks expensive and classy and the pump dispenser means its nice and hygienic and you don't waste any. The price is a little expensive but i would say it's worth the money as it's packed full of natural ingredients not filled with cheap rubbish. I feel like i am caring more for my skin when i use pure and natural products on my skin.

Negatives? For me personally i find that i get through it very quickly. If i was using it twice a day i think i could get through a bottle in a month which works out a bit expensive. I do wear a lot of eye make up though so somebody else might use less.

I think if you don't suffer with a lot of spots then this could be the perfect cleanser for you. xx


  1. Hmmm sounds really good. Ive never tried an oil cleanser before. Might look into this.


  2. A little pricey but I guyess somethings are worth it.

  3. I wish I could smell this through the screen,lol. I'm curious. I don't think I would splurge on it though.

  4. I'm using a Shisheido face oil cleanser at the moment and loving it - but it's so hard to get hold of! I might have to put this one on my wish list! x

  5. Sounds lovely!The last oil cleanser I used didnt really work for me, but it had mineral oil in it so it clogged up my pores a bit after it stopped working after my 2nd bottle! I hate when my skin gets used to stuff :(

  6. Lovely review Nic! :) How much does this cost and how much product do you get? :)

  7. I really want to pick up a bottle of this when we go away :) x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx