Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lancome liner eye makeup tutorial

Hi there my lovely bloggers i decided to do a quick tutorial using my Lancome eyeliner pencil in the bright turquoise after a couple of requests yesterday.
Here is the finished look

So first i applied a small amount of lancome foundation in shade 03 , Then i applied a light layer of Urban decay primer potion to the eyelids.

Then i added some powder to my eyebrows, i didn't want it too dark so just applied a little to fill in the gaps.

Then i pulled out my sleek circus palette and added some of the bright turquoise to the lid leaving a little gap on the inner corner.

Then i applied a little of the white from the palette to the inner corners

Next i applied the dark blue from the palette in the crease line and V shape at edges.

Blended and added some white to the brow bone

Then i applied my Gosh ice blue to the inner corners of the eyes and my Lancome Vatulele  to the lash line under the eyes.
I then applied prestige black liner to the inner rim of my eyes and clinique brush on liner in black to the top lash line.

Then i added two coats of mascara to finish off the look & blended some more.

Other products used for the rest of the face.

Artdeco bronzer
Mac Gingerly blusher
Benefit IT stick

No 7 lip liner in nude
ELF mineral lipstick in runway pink
Mac lipglass in C Thru

Hope this was helpful, it was the first time Ive tried to do a tutorial so let me know if i could do anything different to make it better for you girls.
Also welcome to my new followers its always amazing when i check my blog and find a new follower and thanks to all those lovely ladies who post comments. You know who you are. XXX


  1. awwwww the liner i loved from last post <3
    AMAING ,, i love it
    and u did great job with the tutorial dear ,, =D
    simply gorgeous ,, and that lipstick suits u very well ,, xx

  2. Stunning babe! as bloody always hehe. Where did you get the ArtDeco bronzer from hun? I like the look of that!


  3. Thanks girls, Jo i will answer you on you blog hun xx

  4. I love the turquoise color and the liner..absolutely gorgeous..

  5. This looks lovely! You should do more tutorial posts :D


  6. wow great tutorial and im glad to see your using bold colors..i love it..xx

  7. Absolutely LOVE this tutorial!

  8. It's a beautiful look! You really suit blue! xxx

  9. this tutorial is great! Hope you do more :) The blue looks fab on u :)

  10. blue really suits you :)


  11. Hey there, thanks for the comments on my blog, on the Guerlain foundation post :)

    I love your blog, and it's nice to see a fellow mummy of 2 (or 2 and an added extra ;) )

    I love your look here, it suits you so much.

    I really can't get away with blue- but you look fab :)

  12. Yeah, that was a really useful tutorial. Might have to try it out!

    Anna x

  13. You look gorgeous. I love the lipstick

  14. Hiya, thanks for your comment :) I've just followed your blog! This look is absolutely gorgeous, the blue suits you so well! xx

  15. Gorgeous!
    This sounds strange...but i love the shape of your eyebrows!
    =) <3

  16. Hi there everyone thanks for all the comments, i will try and do some more tutorials soon.

    Stephanie xx its not strange at all hun, thankyou x

    Its so nice that a lot of you said i suit blue as its not a colour i wear very often it always feels a bit full on.

    Note to self wear more colour xx

  17. I love this look! Lancome Vatulele is just as pretty on you as I thought it would be :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx