Monday, 27 September 2010

bags of shopping !

Just before i went away i hit the shops and got myself a few little bits. I thought you might like a little nosey into what i purchased:
By the way i didn't go out to get these but you know what it's like, you see something and buy it then you are on a roll and before you know it you have too many bags ( literally)

I saw this bag and knew instantly it would match these shoes that i brought in the next sale a while ago perfectly so of course i had to have it.

Then i spotted this red bag. I love red and i have a pair of boots which again match it perfectly. I don't have a red bag and thought this would be great for winter.

Then i spotted this silver bag. Can you see where this is going lol. I recently threw my silver bag away as it was looking tatty and this looked so cute that i thought well why not. ( ooops )

I forced myself away from the bags as there were quite a few others that i liked but 3 in one day is a bit much.

I then went to new look and found these skinny combat jeans and i really don't have a lot of trousers so picked these up i think they were £24.99 so not too bad and they are really comfy.

I found this slouchy leopard top in TK Max and the fabric is soooo soft i paid just £16.99 for it. It's long enough to wear with leggings too so great for winter.

This dress looks nothing on the hanger but its beautiful on. The back has a deep v cut so it's a little bit sexy but still very ladylike. I got this for Vegas from one of my favourite market stalls. It was only £24

Last but not least i picked up this pretty necklace from New look. I don't buy a lot of things like this but it caught my eye and at only £3.99 who could resist.


  1. great buys really love the leopard print top (:

  2. Great purchases! I am absolutely in love with the necklace!

  3. Fun purchases! I'd buy that necklace too :)

  4. I love the dress! It'll be perfect for Vegas!!! Ahhh my favorite city!

  5. aww i love the necklace!!


  6. I love that necklace! it's so cute and chic ^__^

  7. Wow!!I adore all tha bags you picked and I'm a little jealous!!hoho!

  8. The dress looks gorgeous, I like the ruffles!

  9. hey hun i have emailed you about pantene giveaway xx

  10. nice haul and LOVE the shoes first photographed. they look italian :)

    xoxo stay fabulous

  11. That leopard print top is great, very nice.

  12. i loooove the studded silver bag! im so addicted to studs right now!

  13. That leopard top is GORGEOUS! I am in love with it! I just got a similar one from Forever 21.. I showed it in a fall fashion post on my blog. They are totally in for fall :)

    Great haul! <3

  14. Ohh I'm loving your handbags and that black dress!xoxo

  15. great haul <3
    lucky u ,,, u have great taste hun =)

  16. Adore the black dress!! Great buys!

  17. Nice finds! :) I looove, love, love the necklace! :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx