Friday, 10 September 2010

Shopping outfit & eucerine eye cream

Hello my fellow bloggers, i just thought I'd show you a simple outfit which i wore this week to go shopping in. I love all the autumn colours.

My tan bag and leopard print pumps were from river island about 2 years ago, these are the most comfortable shoes ever. I love this time of year when it's not cold but just fresh feeling.

On to another subject: Here's a quick review for Eucerine aquaporin active eye cream. I've been putting it off a little bit as i really wanted to give it a chance but unfortunately it's just not for me.

I really wanted to love this eye cream and had high hopes as Eucerin do some fantastic products which i generally love. I love the cute packaging and that the product comes in a pump form so nice and hygienic. I found the consistency just too thin & watery though. It is nice and refreshing on the eye area but it just didn't moisturise enough for me.
I don't need a rich cream as my eyes are not dry at all but even for me the product was too light :(
My search for a good eye cream will continue. So far my favourite has to be Clinique all about eyes. I was hoping this might take its place as its a lot cheaper but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. I would love to know what eye creams you ladies use?


  1. great casual your shoes x

  2. cute, I love that bag and I'm excited to be able to start wearing scarves again soon :)

  3. Love the outfit! I so agree with Jennifer-I can't wait to be able to wear scarves again!

  4. Love the outfit, just like something I would wear.

    Sad to hear that they eye cream didn't work for you though babe. Back you go to hunting for a new one hehe. Im currently using a Dr. LeWinn one and the new estee lauder one at night.


  5. Very cute pumps. River Island have some great accessories. I need to shop there more! X

  6. You look cute! It looks so comfy :) That bag is totally cute too!

  7. lovely look ,, loving the colors too <3
    and i loveeeeee river island so much ,, cool stuff .

  8. thats annoying i really want a great cream for dark circles! xx

  9. I love the outfit, my fave highstreet shop is River Island, great shoes, bags, great jeans and tops, fab scarves and accesories.

    The eyecream sounds - uhm not great.

    I have used Clinique all about eyes Rich for years and years and it's so so so fab..

    Recently I thought I'd swap to a cheaper one from Boots (on maternity leave), a Vitamin E eyecream..
    It seemed ok, not as good as the Clinique one- however the other day at Bobbi Brown counter, I was having a concealer out on, and the makeup assistant said the skin under my eyes was dehydrated, and I needed a hydrating eyecream..

    OMG- I am NEVER cheating on Clinique eye cream again.

    I believe she said that due to the cheaper eyecream I am using :-(

    SO I am rebuying all about eyes ASAP!!

  10. LOVE the little pumps they are so pretty xxx

  11. The bag looks so pretty!!And love the outfit!!!:)

  12. I love the whole outfit Nicoletta!!! :) I'm sorry that the eye cream didn't work for you! I have the Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream for Sensitive Eyes! I don't use it often, because I'm lazy (lol), but I find it moisturizing enough! It's neither runny nor thick! :)

  13. Cute outfit.


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