Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Help me out !!!

Tommorrow i am coming home. I thought it would be nice if any of you girls would like to add a link in the comments for your favourite post of the week.!
It could be yours or someone elses. That way i can have a read when i get back to see all the good things i've missed. xx


  1. Hope you have had a great time in vegas baby...done a post on confidence which you may like..i would love your thoughts..http://pinkissimo-pinkhair.blogspot.com/ xx

  2. its not yet published but will have a post up tonight about what I do with my velcro rollers, I bought them ages ago and I love them, and I think you bought the same ones? hope you've had a lovely time, super jealous! xx

  3. I have posted my forst Giveaway chick- Take a look and enter.
    Hope you have had a fab time away. Mwah. xx

  4. This is my favourite post.


  5. Hope you had a fantastic break! :)

    I'm so vain but can I nominate myself for this.

    My post is a round one of my 'Battle of the Palettes' series of posts which takes a big ole look at the array of palettes that are currently about at the moment. This one is on the Unii Palette



  6. Well, you can always check out my post on my amazing shopping trip and new ring buys :)

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    ♥ Elle

  8. i'm glad you enjoyed Vegas. I am from here (VEGAS) And I'm a new follower too...


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx