Wednesday, 8 September 2010

creative nail polish review & nail care tips

Hi there gorgeous girlies, as some of you might have noticed when i showed you my nail polish collection on a previous blog post here that i do have quite a few creative nail polishes.
Now just for the record, i have no type of affiliation attached to the creative brand but i just so happen to have a love affair with the products.

Believe it or not my favourite polish i have is actually over 4 years old. The colour Breathless.

Believe it or not but this polish is just as smooth and easy to apply as it was the day i purchased it. I love the high shine finish and its a colour that is perfect for autumn. This was achieved with just ONE coat. The drying time is fast as well especially as i only needed 1 coat.

Now there is good news and bad.
The bad news is you cant buy this or any of the other shades i have anymore as a few years ago the company changed over to Sweet squared changing the branding over to CND nails.
The good news is the new product ranges look amazing and have brought things bang up to date with innovative products and a fantastic sleek look. I am really looking forward to trying out some of the new range.

Nail care Tips for natural nails

For the first time in my life i have beautiful long strong natural nails. Here are my tips :
  1. KEEP NAILS PROTECTED AT ALL TIMES. So either polish or at least a base coat, i use toughen up base coat followed by 1 or 2 coats of polish.
  2. USE A CUTICLE OIL. This helps to keep your cuticles soft and easy to push back but it also keeps the nails supple to prevent breaking. I use solar oil.
  3. FILE YOUR NAILS ONE WAY. Zig zag filing of nails can weaken the nails be gentle.
  4. TREAT YOUR NAILS LIKE JEWELS NOT TOOLS. We use our nails for all sorts of things like opening cans picking up money, just everyday stuff without thinking. Try to use your pads of the fingers instead of the nails. You soon get use to it.
  5. WEAR GLOVES.  Cleaning and detergents play havoc with your nails so keep them protected.
  6. TAKE SOME KIND OF SUPPLIMENT. I take a multi vitamin, vitamin c and zink but you can get some great vitamins specifically for hair, skin & nails.

Keep your eyes peeled for a review of CND polishes coming soon. Have you girls tried any CND products before?


  1. Absolutely pretty nail color.. =)..

    Thanks for the tips hun..Really helps a lot..^_^..

  2. Great colour, will go with anything!

  3. as i have been a nail technician for 10...i alwasys say..."handcream & cuticle oil and jewels not tools all the time to my funny...very informative post xx

  4. Hi hun! Not sure if this is you....but you might have won something again! lol! xx

  5. I love the nail colour in the photo - it's really unique! I need to follow the jewels not tools mantraa, I totally abuse my nails

  6. Ah!! Is this the one you said was similar to my Butter London *The Old Bill* polish on my nails post today?

    It looks similar and beautiful.

    I agree with your nail advice, gloves for cleaning and so on- always !!

  7. You're super lucky with the comps at the mo! Maybe some pf your luck will rub off on me :-P xxxx

  8. gorgeous color <3
    and thx for the tips xx

  9. thanks girls glad you like it.
    I can't believe i have won the z palette competion. I've been wanting one for ages so i'm really pleased. xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx