Saturday, 8 January 2011

Showing my Z Palette's some Love !

Morning ladies, i just wanted to a little post about my two Z Palettes that i have. I have been having a bit of a tidy up with my stash and found this little cube of eyeshadows. Well it now looks like this, but before i had depotted loads of stuff it was literally overflowing.

I hate having products chucked into things as i just don't tend to use them when i have to rummage for them. I like to have everything to hand and colours out where i can see them. I don't know why a lot of companies make such huge packaging sometimes. 

 Here's my large palette when I'd finished depotting a lot of my shadows and blushers.
It contains all sorts of different shades which i love.
Clinique shimmer bricks, MeMeMe blusher, Mac, Estee Lauder, Clinique etc.
 It's so much easier to use these products now.

 My small size one i have added some shadows to. I really love these colours and most of them have sat untouched for ages.

Now I've had these 2 palettes for a while. They are just brilliant for tidying up and condensing your makeup. I really want to get some more so i can depot the rest of my little stash and maybe put them in some kind of colour grouping.
Ideally i want 2 more so i have a little bit of room to add more shadows/ blushers when i need too.

I find them really sturdy and the metallic backing holds the shadows amazingly well. You can fit all different sizes and shapes into these so easily.

As for depotting, it's really easy. Just check out U Tube. I like to use the heat method where you take off as much packaging as possible and place the shadow on a sheet of foil on some hair straighteners till it warms up and softens the glue.
I actually find it quite therapeutic for some reason.

You can buy the Z Palettes which come in 4 different designs from Love Makeup
 Priced at £15.99 for the large palette and £8.99 for the small.
They are also on Facebook & Twitter


  1. I really need to get some of these, I've so many products that are taking up a huge amount of space. Love these palettes!

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  3. Great idea hun..I love it.. I wish I had that z palette so that I can put all my single eyeshadow inside..

    Thanks for sharing..^_^..

  4. what a brilliant idea! Loving the leopard print too.xx

  5. i'm definately going to be doing this in the summer when i have lots of spare time on my hands (four months, woo thanks uni)!
    i have so much stuff shoved away which i don't use, but if they were in palettes i know i'd reach for them more often as i'd be able to see what i have xx

  6. Oh those z palettes are so cool! I can be a total freak when it comes to organising my makeup stash, this is a perfect solution to all these single eyeshadows I own and never use! I'm between these and those at starsmakeuphaven ;)

  7. great post thanks so much for doing this =) your shadows look untouched too after depotting which is great as im always worried id dent mine :P xx

  8. I love these kind of palettes. Madina Milano sells them for far less (10 euros, which for you are like 7 quids) and ships internationally. Maybe you could check that out if you want to order more of them ;)

  9. I really like the idea/ look of these palettes but I've no idea how they justify the price in all honesty!

  10. Love the idea of Z palettes and having loads of items to hand in one place. Need to build up my collection a little more to justify getting one - any excuse! :)

  11. I love the idea, but I like my eyeshadows in their original packaging.. cos it looks like I have lots then, due to chunky packaging! ;)

  12. Thanks for the replies girls. I think the Z Palettes are a little expensive but in my opinion they are worth it. When you think how much some of us spend on cosmetics ha. xx

  13. Love this.Trying to buy one now but the site you linked (love makeup) seem only to have the black ones left in the large. Do you know of any other sites that sell these?
    And again thank you so much for my award. Love and hugs xxx

  14. I NEED a z palette in my life! so many of my eyeshadows go unloved because I can't be bothered looking for them ha.


  15. You are welcome paula. Try the Z Palette facebook page hun as i know you can get them elsewhere but i can't seem to find it now xx

  16. I am not a huge eyeshadow wearer, well if truth be told I don't wear it at all, but when I did, the only time that I got regular wear out of them was when they were in a palette, so it is definately worth doing. Like the snazzy frames. Thanks for this. Jan x

  17. Hi! I am a new follower!!! And, great post!!! I am just about to order my first z-palette..and was wondering about the best depotting method. I am so excited to depot everything and get organized. Like you said, many of my single shadows have set untouched for months...this will get me using them again! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  18. Just ordered the black one.The 3 sites i came across don't seem to have any large zebra ones left.Typical haha. Thanks for your help. xx
    Can't wait to get it now :)

  19. I need to get one of these it would be so convenient but i'm slightly scared of deppoting my things in case I shatter them :(

  20. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Pammy thanks for the follow lovely

    Beautyby paula I looked for you too hun and couldn't find any in stock. Glad you still got 1 though i'm sure you will love it.

    Henessy, i know what you mean but seriously if you watch a few of the u tube videos on it and maybe practise on a couple of old shadows that you are not too bothered about 1st.
    After you have done 1 or 2 it's easy xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx