Monday, 10 January 2011

How to boost your boots advantage points !

This is a blog post that I've thought about writing for a while now.
I would imagine that some of you lovely ladies do a fair amount of shopping in Boots & maybe aren't getting all the perks that you entitled too.

What is an advantage card?

Boots advantage card is basically a Reward card for customers who shop at boots. You produce the card at the checkout when you pay ( or online ) & for every £1 you spend you collect 4 points. Each point is worth 1p so if you collect 1000 points it equates to £10 to spend in store for little old you :)
Now this doesn't sound like a lot but if you use it quite regularly & follow these next tips, you will be surprised at how fast your points will add up.

Gaining Extra Points!

1. Check the advantage point kiosk before you start your shopping. Most stores have a points kiosk located in the shop. You simply pop your card into the slot & the touch screen will take you through some special offers which you can selectively print out and hand to the cashier when you pay for your shopping.
Offers range from extra points when you spend over a certain threshold, extra points on a specific item or brand, competitions and even free products occasionally.

2. If you have young kids buy nappies, wipes etc when they are on offer in bulk and use the extra points from the kiosk. Buying big sizes always works out cheaper and you get the extra points as a bonus.

3. If you have a baby or toddler, sign up to the parenting club. You get sent all types of vouchers for extra points on nappies, wipes, baby food. All the things you will have to buy anyway.

4. If you or anyone in your family have a pay as you go phone. Top up your mobile at boots and collect 4 points for every £1 you spend.

5. If you have any old mobile that you don't want you can send it off to boots and they will give you points in exchange ( see for more details ).

6. Register your Boots Card online so any online purchases will instantly have the points added.

7. Don't throw away the boots news letters they send you thinking its junk mail. They always contain extra points vouchers.

8. Pick up the boots magazine in store. It's free to advantage card holders and the back page has various points vouchers and money off coupons. As does the free parenting magazine that boots has on display.

9. If you buy lunch everyday and you work near Boots then the meal deals are good value & the points soon add up over a few weeks of dinners.

10. Combine vouchers. If you are spending £30 and you have 2 vouchers. 1 for 100 points when you spend £10 and 1 for 300 points when you spend £25 then use them both and you will get £4 back in points.

Check out Boots Treat Street

Check out Boots Treat Street. Boots have come up with a fabulous idea so you can collect points now when shopping online at loads of other retailers. There are so many good online shops that are taking part including ebay, Asos and New Look. You get a minimum of 1 point per £1 spent. Now I'm not suggesting you start buying stuff to gain points but if you use any of these online shops anyway then it's a huge bonus if you can gain lots more points just by logging onto treat street before purchasing.

How to spend your points

So you've gained all those points, how do you spend them?
Firstly check the kiosk to see how many points you have. You can spend points on most things in store except things like baby milk, pharmacy & photography.
You must have enough points to cover the price of the item you want. For example if you have 2265 points your product must cost £22.65 or less. You cannot put the extra money towards a more expensive item.

You can spend your points on premium brands, electrical items, 342 offers and sale item. Almost anything really.

YSL Rouge Volupte 2145 points

Hope this was helpful to a few of you & fingers crossed I've given you some ideas on how to collect a few extra points in 2011 xx


  1. I didn't know you could combine point vouchers !

  2. Damn i love the Advantage Card - just got an Avene face mask on the way home from work tonight and used my points so it was like, FREE :)

    Didn't know about #5 or Treat Street either - thanks!


  3. excellent post. I am currently saving up my points for some Dior... :) going to check out treat street xx

  4. wow! this was so helpful! thankyou xx

  5. I keep forgetting to pop my card in the Kiosk, but I will when I go to there on Wednesday! Very helpful post, thank you :) x

  6. thanks for such a fab post - especially the treat street one! think how many points a couple of asos orders would earn you.... :)

  7. i love my boots advantage card!
    before christmas they held the *spend £50 and get £10 worth of points* which i took advantage of and boosted my points :) xx

  8. I really should use my boots card more, it just sits there cause i keep forgetting it, thanks for the info (: xx

  9. Ahhh very helpful! I need to get a card... would you believe I don't even have one :O

  10. Awesome tips! I love using my boots card throughout the year cos I save all my points and use them to buy Christmas pressies - had just under £80 this year so thanks to the 3 for 2 offers I managed to get quite a few gifts sorted without spending a penny :)

    Really like the ones about the mobile phone top ups and the treat street thingy cos I had no idea about these and I reckon it'd be such an easy way to get points on stuff you'd be paying for anyway! ♥

  11. Hi girls, thanks for all your replys, i'm glad this post was useful.

    I have about £15 in points on mine at the moment. I'm going to wait a little while longer and get myself something from one of the new collections from Estee Lauder or Clinique in spring. Well thats unless i get tempted by something else before then xx

  12. great post! I will defo be trying these out, thanks for sharing :)


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