Sunday, 30 January 2011

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

Today's review is for the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. I have been using this product about twice a week for a few months now and am finding it a pleasure to use.

The pump dispense makes the product hygienic and i only need 1 pump to cover my face. The texture is thick and creamy with tiny little grains which feel lovely to massage into the skin.
The fragrance is typical of liz earle, slightly herbal and natural although the scent is very mild.

This leaves your skin instantly brighter and feeling refreshed.
I have seen an improvement in my nose and chin with less blackheads and congestion since using this.

The product contains a full list of gorgeous, skin boosting ingredients including purifying eucalyptus, softening cocoa butter and fine jojoba beads.
I think the price is brilliant as well just £12.50 for 70ml or £8.95 for 50ml

All in all this is a great gentle exfoliator packed full of healthy natural ingredients at a very competitive price.
For more info check out Liz Earle online

Have you tried this exfoliator? Are you a Liz Earle fan?


  1. I love this product and of course I'm a Liz Earle fan haha. I'm glad you got on with it :) xx

  2. never tried this exfoliator before but it sounds great hun

  3. I am an admirer of LE but the products tend not to agree with me, a bit too much of the cocoa butter as an ingredient I think, and C&P never quite managed to work for me at all. I do agree that it is one of the most gentle exfoliators I have ever used. Don't forget she has a TSV on QVC I think next weekend. Jan x

  4. I have never tried this either, but sounds really nice :-)x

  5. LOVE IT!! I use the entire Liz Earle range and it really works a treat! I'll be doing a post soon aswell and will defo sub back to you for the inspiration! x

  6. This is a great product! Love your new layout! x

  7. I love it too, because, even if my skin is sensitive, I can still use it and it leaves it soft and clean: sometime, if I haven't my makeup on, I use it instead of c&p and it work perfectly!

  8. I used her cleanse and polish and wasn't impressed. Although the feeling of it was nice and was a pleasure to use. I need an exfoliator this sounds good.

  9. I have this but never use it because it says not suitable for sensitive skin!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx