Monday, 24 January 2011

A few little Jewellery bargains & 1 week into the 30 day shred

Sometimes a little cheap and cheerful treat is all a girl needs for a little pick me up midweek. Last week i spotted these bargains in Dorothy Perkins sale and how could i say no at this price?

Charm bracelet £2
I Heart Paris necklace £2

I Heart Paris Earring £2

Love necklace £1

If you are looking for a bargain then pop down to your local store as they had loads and loads of jewelry reduced. I could of brought loads more easily.

On a different note Yaaaaaay I'm now on day 7 of the 30 day shred DVD and i have been sticking to just over 1000 calories a day.
RESULT I got on the scales this morning and i have lost 5 pounds :) I am chuffed to bits as I've never lost that amount in a week before.
I won't lie, i have found the DVD difficult as i didn't do any exercise before but the results are worth it.
I'm feeling positive xx


  1. Very well done! That's impressive and very encouraging for the rest of us! I'm tempted to buy the DVD but been excercise-challenged I'm pretty sure I would need a week at least to be able to comlete the routine...Do you know any other good DVDs for exercise beginners?
    Love the I heart Paris necklace!

  2. love the paris ones ,, cute
    and good luck with the diet hun ,, u can do it =)

  3. nice pieces!!! congrats on your weight loss!! that's awesome!!!

  4. Red you would be surprised hun. As the workout is only 20 mins a day it is hard but i am unfit and i can push through it.
    I think davina does some really good dvd's too but to be fair if you dont exercise then any of them are going to be hard at first xx

    Thanks Feef xx

  5. Well done for sticking to the dvd for a week! I think that more than most people last! I'm going to buy it and give it a whirl! I was just thinking though hun....hope this doesnt come across wrong but....was wondering if your cal intake was a bit low? Just because sometimes we cut down too much and your body ends up going into fat storing mode. I'm sure you know what youre doing anyway! Looking forward to hearing how the rest of the shred goes! xxxx

  6. WOW thats amazing. Have yuo seen any change in youy body, like a little more toned etc? I'm gonna start 30 day shred soon, ot's being neglected.

  7. Well done on the weight loss. Cute jewellery :).

    Sadie x

  8. Thanks guys xx

    Miss War Paint, i know exactly what you are saying but i'm only 5ft 2 so my intake of calories is about right for me if i want a fast weight loss.
    I will no doubt eat a bit more as the weeks go on and my weight loss will slow down this week i'm sure.
    I try and lose as much as i can in the first week simply to keep me motivated but it is quite a low amount i agree. xx

    Lauren, i have seen a difference in my strength. I couldn't even do 1 full push up before but now i can do 3 ha. Not much but its an improvement. My arms and legs have improved in tone as well. My tummy is flatter too but i think that is more due to the fact that i'm eating less.

    I still have a fair way to go, i tried on my skinny jeans and i couldn't even do up the button ( ouch )
    So it's going to take some work still.

    A lot of people have said to me that i don't need to go on a diet etc but i want to lose the weight i have put on in the last few months as i just don't feel comfy in any of my clothes.
    I don't think it's about how you look but how you feel xx

  9. Congrats on the weight loss and the accessories you got are adorable! I'm trying to to the same but last week was a wash- hopefully I'll do better this week. thanks for the inspiration x jeanie

  10. love all the jewels u picked hun,very pretty&gudluck with dieting!!!!

  11. Congrats! I love the jewelery! I want that I love Paris necklace!

    And if you ever get bored, the Biggest Loser videos are pretty good! I think I might actually dust mine off and get to moving my butt a little bit! I've been slacking something terrible lately, and I can tell that my clothes don't fit as well! Keep up the good work love!

  12. wow!!..Great hauls you have there hun..Love all of them..^_^..

  13. Wow! Great bargains! I agree that even small retail therapy can lift your mood and spirit:)

  14. wow, 5 pounds in one week!!! that's far more than impressive!

    and nice bargains ;)

  15. That's awesome!!! Good for you! I had my first weight in after starting Weight Watchers and I dropped 3 pounds! YAY for us!!!

  16. Oooh, very nice indeed, dont you just love little guilt free jewellery purchases? The Paris ones are adorable - I like these kinda things cos you can add them to pretty much any outfit to brighten it up and make it look a bit more put together (even if you've only spent 5 minutes getting ready!)

    Congrats on losing 5lbs so quickly! are you not finding it really hard to stick to the 1000 cals? I'm a sucker for comfort food at this time of year so that'd totally kill me! ♥

  17. well done you and love the bracelet! be heading to dotty p's asap xxx

  18. I LOVE CHARMS! The bracelet and earrings are soo cute!

  19. Thanks everyone for your replies. xx

    Corrine, thanks for that answer hun i will have a look at those other DVD'S xx

    Labelsnob Yay well done you xx

    All Made Up I often spend just 5 mins getting ready ha. I have to admit the first few days was really hard food wise but then i find it a lot easier. I am a sucker for sweet things but after a few days of nothing sweet my cravings subside. xx

    Coral Lime & Eugenia thanks for following ladies xx

  20. Congrats on sticking to the DVD regime. What impressive results in one week!!! What is your diet intake? Are you eliminating carbs, etc? I have been trying to kick my butt at the gym too since the new year. Summer is almost here (although you would never know it- we are up to our 8th snow storm in NY today-ugh!)

  21. Hi hun, ive been just sticking to 1000/1200 cals a day. I have been eating less carbs but not cutting them out.
    I even had a small portion of oven fish and chips yesterday ha xx

  22. well done on the new fitness regime :-) x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx