Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shu Uemera Eyelash curlers & OOTD

Morning guys, i wanted to do a little post about my thoughts on my new Shu Uemera Eyelash curlers which i brought the other day. Now at just under £20 i was expecting great things. After all what could be so different about these?

I have to say that i am instantly impressed with these. I have tried so many eyelash curlers as i use them everyday to help my straight short lashes.
This is the first time that i have been able to get right to the base of the lashes to curl without pinching my skin. It doesn't help that i have heavy lids but i was getting sick of the pinch that my old curlers was causing.

My bare lashes. You can hardly see them :(

I curled my lashes which felt so much more comfortable than usual and the curl seemed perfect. No crimped edges and perfectly lifted.
I applied 2 coats of prestige my longest lashes.

I love the end result. I am so pleased i bit the bullet and purchased these curlers. After all what's £20 when you are using something everyday. Great value really.

Oh and a little OOTD. Please excuse my messy background. I purchased these over the knee boots from next in the sale. At 5ft 2 i think I'm pushing it a bit as i know they look better on taller girls but i love them anyway. I was just going shopping so wanted to be casual and comfy. 

What are your thoughts on the shu eyelash curlers? Do you think over the knee boots are Hot or Not?
Have a great day xx


  1. Hi,

    Have been lusting after these eyelash curlers for a few months now but have been waiting until someone posted a review as I wanted to know for sure that my money would not be wasted. Your review has convinced me and I will be taking the plunge. What camera do you use for your close up pics, my camera is rubbish for blog pics and I really need to invest in a new one. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Oh I do love Shu curlers, I am on my 3rd set now, but each set have lasted me YEARS!.
    Last Christmas I got Limited Edition Gold ones that came with false lashes too, and I love them.
    Generally speaking, I have tried maybe 10 different eyelash curlers before, and NONE come even close to Shu's ones..

  3. I LOVE the shu uemura curler! I still can't explain or understand how or why it's so much better than all the others...I just know that it is!

  4. I love over the knee boots but seeing I'm short I a bit scared to wear them lol

  5. Jude, my camera is just the sony cybershot. It's basic but its ok for me.

    I can def see why you girls love the shu curler. I wish i'd invested in it a long time ago.

    Lara, me too hun, i'm only 5ft 2 but i still like them xx

  6. oooh - I got these for Christmas too, and good god they're blimmin' excellent - absolutely love 'em x

  7. your lashes look gorgeous here- I havent thought about Prestige mascara before, looks really natural. I LOVE my shu's had my first pair for 4 years, I hate the pinch of all cheaper ones. Also love the boots, I actually tried the exact same ones on, but they were too tight-they look lovely on you


  8. I LOVE Shu Uemura's curler. For the function and end result, it really a must. I just hate that they dont sell extra pads so I dont have to buy another curler when the extra rubber pad has worn off.


  9. I love the Shu Uemura curlers too. I never really got the point of eyelash curlers until I got mine!

    I love otk boots but my legs are too chunky to be able to wear them/fit into them :(


  10. great blog you have here! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too!

  11. looks like e Shu curlers does a fantastic job hun,i love ur boots and u look amazing..

  12. Wow!!..Shu Uemera curlers really work on your lashes!..Absolutely love the result..

  13. I bought a Shu curler and I was disappointed! I have a different brand that I bought at Sally Beauty and that one rocks my socks off. I only got the Shu because I heard great things about it. Needless to say, I gave it away and continued using my old one! I need to get some new pads for it, but I will be for sure doing it!

    As for the boots, I love them, I think you look stunning as always! I've missed your face so much, and I'm SOOOO glad I'm back! I have a ton of reading to do today to catch up with all your previous posts! Can't wait!

  14. wow I've gotta get myself some of these eyelash curlers! my current ones are awful, they make my lashes point upwards in a straight line, rather than a nice natural curl, and they also sometimes pinch my lids (i have heavy lids too). So these are now on my never ending wish list! I think the boots are defo a HOT too

  15. your lashes look great - very natural & fluttery! I should really dig out my eyelash curlers & not be so scared of using them :) x

    The boots really suit you hun, you'd never know you were 5ft2" in the photo :) I got some beige 'Dollie' boots in the Topshop sale last week & I have to wear them slouched (as knee-high boots) after my hubby said I looked like 'puss in boots' with them pulled over the knee! ;) They're a great dupe for Vivienne Westwood pirate boots and I love them :)

    Catherine x

  16. Wow! i guess those are worth the money! I finally went at Christmas to get them and the girl at Sephora told me they don't sell them anymore! :( I've been delaying ordering online due to the price. Glad to hear that you think they are worth the price!

  17. That mascara looks great! Can you do a post on the blushes you have/wear the most? I saw some beautiful shades in your revious depotting post and was wondering which ones they were...
    Have a great weekend!

  18. I will do a post soon about my blusher collection. Thanks for asking xx

  19. Love your eyelashes, I might have to invest in a good eyelash curler again. x

  20. shuuemura or elf?any suggestion?

    Best Of Luck!!!
    best eyelash curler


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