Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Easy Valentine FOTD !

Hi there, girls, i don't know about you but i always associate Valentines day with Red Lips. So i thought I'd show you a really easy look which is a my take on the perfect look for a day of love.

Products used:

Just 5 products and some flirty lashes to add some fluttering.
1. Chanel Pro Lumier foundation
2. Sleek Blush in Scanalous
3. Clinique High impact mascara in Black
4. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lippy in Red Hot
5. Clinique lip liner in Rich Red.

Lashes IB04 from Ebay here 5 pairs for £4.68
I specifically choose these lashes as they have an invisible backbone. This makes them a lot easier to blend in with your own lashes :)
I kept the eyes really plain. No eyeshadow or liner. The lashes and mascara alone give enough oomph to the eyes and keeps the emphasis on the Red lips.

The sleek blusher is limited edition and it's a beautiful bright red which gives such a natural flush. It's my favourite of the blushes so far. Easy to blend, highly pigmented and under £5.

The Red lips cant get much brighter but if you can't wear Red on Valentines and get away with it then when can you?
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipsticks are really creamy and this colour is ultra pigmented.

To keep eyes natural i applied a coat of mascara, added the lashes as close to the lashline as possible. Curled the lashes and mine gently which helps blend them together and applied mascara to the bottom lashes.
I didn't want to add liner as i wanted the look to be fresh looking and the liner would of been too much with such full on lips.

Swatches of Estee Lauder Red Hot lipstick and Sleek Scandalous Blush

Will you be Rocking the Red on Valentines day or do you prefer a slightly more subtle lip colour?


  1. I love this look your skin looks amazing!

  2. now that's a VIVID red! loooove it, very sexy and pretty :)


  3. I'm really impressed with those lashes for the price :-)

    I'm wearing a dress covered in little red hearts on valentines day so I definately wouldn't shy away from red lippy!

  4. you look gorgeous. i have been SEARCHING for a red lippy... this one looks fab actually, not too orange! lovely post xxxx

  5. You look gorgeous and this red is really amazing... I want it NOW :D

  6. Gorgeous blush! I love my revlon red lippy so a look I could do - my Husband loves me in red lippy!

  7. Aww this is soo cute!! Love that lippie on you:)

  8. i love this look :) great job and i have a lady danger by mac to try out for it xx

  9. ahhh you look soo pretty - you look like Nicole Scherzinger ( i cant spell her surname!) xxxx

  10. Wow, this is an amazing look on you!

  11. Love the blusher, when I saw it I was like 'who the hell could wear THAT!' but it looks lovely on you! I thought it looked soooo bright in the pan, but I didn't swatch it


  12. This looks amazing on you!! I love red lips!!


  13. U look so beautiful hun,love it!!!!I need2go get that blush 2mr thanks for swatches

  14. What a gorgeous look you have there hun..Love it so much..Simple look with red lipstick absolutely classic..^_^..

  15. Gorgeous FOTD the red lips are killer :D

  16. Thanks everyone, red is something i rarely wear as i feel a bit out there with it if you know what i mean. I knew my blogging friends would appreciate such a bold colour ha.

    Do you find people seem to stare at you when you wear a bright lippy? Maybe its just me being paranoid?

  17. that red lipstick is amazing <3 lovely look ,,

  18. yeah they do stare and I flipping love it!!! You should try Rimmel's Kiss Me - i did a post on it. would love gooorge on you xxxx

  19. I love the lashes, thanks for following :)

  20. Mr Brant is 1 hella lucky man with them smackers lady! wit woo ; )

  21. Such a pretty Valentine's Day look, loving the red lips :)

  22. This look is hideous, you look like a cheap tramp/whore


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx